Trader Joe’s November, 2011 Fearless Flyer The Food Pilgrimager

It’s that time of year again when the holidays roll around and eating and cooking begin en masse! Just in time for the first eating holiday, Trader’s has come out with the Food Pilgrimager, AKA the Fearless Flyer. Looks like a lot of the same Thanksgiving stuff I’ve seen most years, but a few new items of interest. I haven’t gotten my paper copy yet in the mail or up at the store and when I do, I’ll see what is new and report back. I plan on reviewing some of the Thanksgiving related items shortly so you can make informed decisions about what to buy for this big holiday. We eat this stuff so you can make an informed decision!

Just one other item of note and I hope the great people at Trader Joe’s are listening, please bring back the PDF files of the Fearless Flyer! The web only version sucks. How hard would it be to put up the pdfs of the Fearless Flyer every time you publish one? I know there are some localization issues, but you can let customers download ones based on their zip code or something. Much better for the environment than printing up all those paper copies and giving out stacks of them at the store and mailing them out to everyone near a Trader Joe’s. Just my $.02 on that.

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