Trader Joe’s Swiss Fondue

Fondue! Is there any more perfect food in the world? Melted cheese is probably the best thing to eat next to dark chocolate and red wine!

I have been eating Fondue as long as I can remember. I probably first had Fondue back when we visited Switzerland when I was about 8 years old. I fondly remember burning the roof of my mouth on the molten cheese, but I think we all need to learn that lesson once! Fondue was popular in the USA in the 60’s and 70’s and we ate a fair amount of it as a family when I was growing up in Maryland. Pretty much every grocery store had a few boxes of Fondue from Switzerland. Back in those days it was hard to get a good loaf of bread and we had been spoiled by our trip to Europe. My father became very good at making Julia Child’s baguettes from her cook books.

In my opinion, there is only one type of Fondue and that is from Switzerland and it’s melted Gruyere cheese and wine. I’m not saying that there aren’t some other excellent melted cheese Fondue-like creation. Trader Joe’s just had a melted Brie thing that was excellent! I’ve visited Switzerland on many occasions over the years and there is nothing like eating Fondue in the Alps! (Although, I read in Wikipedia it’s not authentic to the mountain regions of Switzerland).

I’ve tried on a couple of occasions to make it from scratch, but it really never turns out as good as the Fondue you can buy in the box. They’ve perfected it over the many years and why mess with a good thing? As long as I’ve going to Trader Joe’s there has always been Fondue. I don’t think it was a Trader Joe’s branded product a couple of years ago.

The Fondue pot you see in the picture on the right is one Becky’s prized possessions! She went on a trip with a couple of friends, before I met her, to a trip to Germany and when they were in Berlin she went to the famous KaDeWe store (I’ve been there too before I met her and that is one fantastic store!). She hand carried it on the plane and brought it through customs! It’s perfect for Fondue because it’s heavy cast iron and distributes the heat evenly and you always get that really nice crust on the bottom which is called  la religieuse (French for the nun).

We eat it the traditional way with bread, cornichons, olives (Lucques Olives are perfect with this!) and sometimes we get bratwurst. Thank god Trader Joe’s had good bread in our region and the sour dough baguettes are always good (not the case at every Trader Joe’s! Which is why I probably will never review fresh bread)

As Fondues go, this one is excellent with good Gruyere flavor, with a hint of wine. We rub raw garlic all over the inside the pot and then throw the garlic clove in the bottom and let it cook in the cheese. I always stuff myself on this and I finally got my older son to try it and he loved it! By the way, this is a Product of Switzerland.

This is an amazing product and I’m going to give it 9 bells!

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20 Replies to “Trader Joe’s Swiss Fondue”

  1. Found your post about this when I was looking to tell other people about this (linking to you post in my own post about fondue). I was pleasantly surprised to find this back in February, when I was going to TJs to pick up the cheeses I usually buy for making cheese fondue. One of the employees directed me to this. Way easier than shredding cheese then getting it to properly melt! Last time I was at the store, they didn’t have it, said it was likely a seasonal item, so hopefully they’ll bring it back around! 9 bells indeed!

    1. I’ve had Fondue all over the place, France, Germany, Switzerland and of course here in the USA and that Swiss pre-made Fondue is just about perfect. It’s really hard to make it great from scratch and get it just right!

  2. why swiss chesse foundue is seasonal? we have ice cream all year around! came on! list your costumers Trade Jones….we want chesse foundue all year around!!!!!

  3. Very very disappointed that Trader Joes treats this as a holiday item. I want it year round. Also found a different one at Trader Joes by accident that is even better. Come on, keep it in stock!!

  4. why is so complicate to order or buy trader joe’s swiss cheese foundue? why don’t make available on line/ why only after nov 15? losing money …lot’s of it! there’s a great demand all year around!

  5. why is cheese fondue is seasonal?
    we eat it at valentine days, birthdays all other family celebrations .

    we all want cheese fondue back ALL YEAR AROUND !!
    and not a two months windows…..!!

    p.s. and also some pate de campagne Henaff the best pork pate in the world from brittany france

      1. AUDI SUPERMARKET has cheese foudue, from Switzerland, for the same price, ALL YEAR AROUND!!! Please do it! I like better TJ…There’s no seasonality for cheese in Switzerland, Germany or France, so, should not be seasonal product in US! Your Marketing people are not doing their job!

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