Trader Joe’s Chickenless Crispy Tenders

Trader Joe’s really seems to be stepping up the Vegan offerings lately. God knows I’ve reviewed my fair share of them and I am an attention seeking creature, at least when it comes to this blog. Every time I post anything remotely Vegan, that post gets triple the number of views compare to anything (well, except that speculoos stuff keeps bringing them in!)

I just did the Chickenless Stuffed Cutlets a few weeks and thought they were great! I a little more skeptical that these would work, but I think it’s the old county fair adage, if you dip anything in batter and fry it, it will taste great! The picture on the cover of the bag looks really appetizing. Especially with that sauce, but I know this won’t have a sauce. I will have to provide my own!

These are soy based and are 100% vegan. Speaking of vegan, I have never tempted to vegan. I can do vegetarian because two of my favorite foods in the world are eggs and cheese! Still, I love my meat but I know that’s not the case with everyone out there. I do have good friends that own a Vegan restaurant here in Seattle and it’s called Sutra and if I could eat there every night I could convert to being a vegan pretty quickly! Their food is over the top good! Plus they have a great wine selection too!

Anyway, I am willing to subject my stomach to the punishment just for this blog and subject myself to vegan food. Just kidding!  Actually, these went down pretty easy. They come in the frozen section and out of the bag they look like real chicken nuggets. Just like the real chicken nuggets, you just heat up the oven and stick them in for a few minutes. When they were baking these, they smelled great! I could see the batter sizzling on the baking sheet. I took them out of the oven and one thing I noticed is that the batter slipped off the main part of the tender when I just tongs on them to pick them up, but that is just a minor technicality. Once they cooled down the breading stuck to the tender much better.

I tried one without any sauce or seasonings. I really liked the breading. It reminded me of something from KFC or Popeyes. Lots of flavor! Then I took a bite out of one of the tender and it had a texture very similar to chicken, which isn’t always the case for the meatless products. I think they really nailed down the texture part. As for flavor, don’t expect them to taste like chicken because they taste a lot more like Tofu than chicken and that’s necessarily a  bad thing, just different. I would definitely get out your favorite dipping sauce here. Ketchup or some sweet chili sauce or even salsa of some type. Just like chicken nuggets these are fairly bland and dry on their own.

I was mildly surprised at how good these Trader Joe’s Chickenless  Crispy Tenders are and I might try to pawn them off on my kids and see how they react. I am going to rate these Crispy Chickenless Tenders a solid 8 Bells!

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6 Replies to “Trader Joe’s Chickenless Crispy Tenders”

  1. I have not done a formal review on them, but the texture of the "morsel" is similar to the tenders above, but the breading is completely different. It's thicker on the Orange ones and doesn't have much flavor. The tenders have quite a bit of seasoning in the breading, more like fried chicken.

  2. I love them in kc masterpiece barbeque sauce my family does meatless mondays.I use tjs baby potatoes along side drenched in evo salt pepper onion and rosemary fried up.
    Tj fan as well.

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