Consumer Reports rates Grocery Stores!

In no great surprise to us loyal Trader Joe’s followers, Consumer Reports rated 52 grucery store chains from over 24,000 people and Trader Joe’s ranked number #2 after Wegman’s! I don’t know what Wegman’s has that’s just a smidge better than Trader Joe’s, but we don’t have Wegman’s anywhere near us here on the West Coast so it’s Trader Joe’s might as well be #1 to us. (BTW, my sister actually works at a Wegman near Baltimore and she fell hard for them when she was in NY a couple of years ago and when the recently expanded into Maryland she got a job!)

On the praise and criticism parts Trader Joe’s got kudos for having Open Checkout, Knowledgeable Staff,  Visible Price Labels, Price Scanning Accuracy. On the downside, they got a ding on Parking! (See my FAQ on the parking issue)

I say, way to go Trader Joe’s and keep up the good work!

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