Trader Joe’s Quattro Formaggio

Cheese, it’s what the world goes ’round. At least that’s what Becky thinks! A world without cheese just isn’t worth living in! Cheese is one of those things you can dive deep like wine or just eat slices of Craft American Cheese and never be the wiser. Becky choose the first route and I have to say we are happier for it! I wouldn’t call myself a cheese expert, but can tell the difference between goat, cow and sheep’s milk cheeses. Trader Joe’s does an excellent job of bringing a wide selection of cheeses to the masses and in fact this is one of their core areas of the store (Some of the others are supplements, nuts, beer/wine, bread among others)

Trader Joe’s Quattro Formaggio (Translated, “Four Cheeses”) is a blend of Parmesan, Asiago, Fontina and Provolone. The Parmesan and Asiago are hard cheeses. The Fontina is very soft and the Provolone is a slicing cheese. Parmesan has a mild flavor and Fontina is very mild. Asiago is a little tangier than Parmesan and the Provolone is probably the stinkiest of the quad. What that adds up to is a super nice blend of Italian cheese that have a wide variety of uses.

This product has been one of those mainstays of Trader Joe’s for as long as I can remember but I really didn’t have much use for it until I really got into making pizza. Sure, many purist will say that you can only use mozzarella as the cheese on your pizza, but I find that it’s pretty bland on a normal pizza. There are times when I want a mozzarella cheese pizza but for the most part I default to Quattro Formaggio. I love the complexity of the flavors and it melts really good for pizza. I can get about 3 pizzas out of one bag. But I have to fight Becky over the bag because she loves to put it on salads and this time of year (summer) we are eating a ton of salads and less pizza. I always seem to have two bags in the fridge and we go through a bag a week generally. I’ve used it in risotto and adult Mac and Cheese. Scalloped potatoes are another great use. Just about anything you would need melted cheese I use it.

(My Trader Joe’s pizza recipe is simple. Trader Joe’s plain pizza dough cut in half for two pizzas, Organic Marinara sauce, Quattro Formaggio, Columbus Salami or Pepperoni and sprinkled with Trader Joe’s Oregano. Bake on a stone at 500 degrees for about 8 minutes!)

Like I said, it’s one of those Trader Joe’s items that you walk past all the time and maybe you never picked it up, but I highly recommend it for your everyday cheese needs!

I am going to rate Trader Joe’s Quattro Formaggio 9 Bells. It’s that good!

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