Comments and Pumpkin Poll

Just a quick note to everyone. I closed the Pumpkin Poll and thanks for voting! I would not say there was a clear winner, but the Pumpkin Macarons edged out the Pumpkin Butter by 1 vote!

A note about comments on blog posts. I didn’t realize that I had turned off comments when I moved this blog over to WordPress about a month ago. I was wondering why I hadn’t gotten any in over a month and I finally decided to dig into it and commenting was never turned on correctly. It is now! So, comment away. To leave a comment on a blog post you can click on the cartoon bubble thingy to the right of the title of the blog post. You don’t need to register, just a name and an email is fine. Please leave plenty of comments! Thanks!

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4 Replies to “Comments and Pumpkin Poll”

  1. Did anybody get to try the “This Pumpkin walks into a bar…” cereal bars? I’m so upset that they were discontinued, and not once did I see them on the shelves! I also got to try their Pumpkin Spice coffee but was too late in buying it because… *drum roll* it’s also discontinued!

  2. My store said those items weren’t discontinued but that the warehouse is out of stock because they are selling so fast. Same goes for the pumpkin ravioli. I keep hoping to see the bars in the store because I want to try them so bad! Lol

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