Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread
Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread

I’m starting to get a little pumpkined out here, but I will trudge on and taste as many pumpkin inspired products I can this Fall. Next up is the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread. Trader Joe’s introduced it last year (2011) and it was a huge hit. I rarely ate cream cheese until recently when my older son took a liking to it. He is such a picky breakfast eater (unless it’s bacon) that I’ll try anything to get him to eat in the morning. He’s so hungry when he gets home from school that he just about eats from 4 to 8pm every night. I have always been an equal opportunity eater, eating a big breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Like I said, Trader Joe’s mentions they released this for the first time last year and I wasn’t doing this blog this time last year so I probably missed it. I’m glad I found it this year! Basically what we have here is lightly whipped cream cheese (easier to spread) with some actual pumpkin puree in it and pumpkin pie spices. They also add a dash of sugar to make it even more delectable! I tried to give it to my 9 year old on his morning bagel, but he was not having anything to do with it, which is too bad because I really liked it! More for me!

I got some Trader Joe’s Plain Bagels (decent, but not that great 6 Bells) and toasted them. Took the hot bagels from the toaster and slathered them with Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread and I could smell the pumpkin pie spices wafting from the bagels. It has a nice appealing light orange color with what looks like little flecks of pumpkin in it. When I took my first bite I swear I was eating pumpkin pie on a bagel. The cream cheese is pretty light because of the whipping and easy to spread. They got the pumpkin pie spices just right and with a bit of sugar it really has the¬†consistency¬†of pumpkin pie and considering what’s in pumpkin pie, it’s not far off! I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone that likes pumpkin pie on a bagel!

I am going to keep buying this as long as it’s at Trader Joe’s, which should be through November and I bet the keep bringing it back every year! I really like this so I am going to give Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread 9 Bells! Buy it while you can!

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