Trader Joe’s Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter

Crunchy Speculoos Cookie Butter. OMG!
Crunchy Speculoos Cookie Butter. OMG!


Trader Joe’s Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter. Ok, what a way to kick off the new year! I am sitting here trying to figure out what to review today, the new Minestrone soup, or the Pancake Syrup, both of which are really good but I was looking at Instagram and one of the people I closely follow posted a picture which blew my mind! of a new version of the world famous Speculoos Cookie but, but get this, now in a Crunchy version just like peanut butter. I just dropped everything I was doing and ran out to Trader Joe’s to buy some!

I had heard that Bischoff had come out with a crunchy version a while back but I wasn’t paying attention to that during the holidays but I had an inkling that Trader Joe’s would not sit on their laurels with this super popular product. I started a Facebook page just for this product and it has far exceeded my expectations on the popularity. You can see the page here I have hardly done anything to promote this page and it’s taken off like a rocket!

Happy Family

So, from the time I read about it from TraderJoesInsider to tasting it was about 20 minutes and here I am writing a review after tasting it and taking pictures. I have to tell you that I like this one even better than the first one. I liked the non crunchy Speculoos Cookie Butter so much I have it a 8 out of 10 rating, but I had no idea that this was coming along that I felt like the universe threw me a curve ball!

OK, what is different about the Crunchy version of Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie butter versus the non-crunchy one. Well not a whole lot! EXCEPT, that the crunchy one has little bits of Speculoos cookies in it so it has a texture very similar to crunchy peanut butter, but I don’t know if it’s the flavor of the cookies, but the Speculoos flavor seems to pop more on the crunchy version. I have to say I was completely surprised at how good this is. I ate several spoonfuls right off the bat and I started plotting my way through the jar. What could I spread it on? Hot toast? Bake it in cookies? Muffins? Put it on pancakes? The variety of things is endless!

SpeculoosCrunchyCookieButter3I think in the long run, this is going to be a big hit for Trader Joe’s and as I predicted a year ago when I originally reviewed the smooth Speculoos Cookie Butter, Trader Joe’s will probably be putting this in a fair amount of products over the years. I thought they would come out with an ice cream version of this already, but not quite yet. They did put it in a dark chocolate candy bar, but that must be from a different source since the speculoos in that is a different flavor and texture. I can see a whole bunch of different products, but ultimately it’s up to Trader Joe’s to execute our dreams!

What else can I say, this is about as close to perfection that comes in a jar. I love the spicy, gingery crunchiness of this. It really pops in  your mouth and I think is about the closest thing to crack that is legal! Funny how my first review of the year is a perfect 10! I am giving my first review of 2013 a perfect score of 10 Bells for the Trader Joe’s Crunchy Speculoos Cookie Butter! Get some before it’s gone!

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10 Replies to “Trader Joe’s Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter”

  1. Thanks I’ll be picking up a jar tomorrow. I was in the UK over Christmas and picked up a bag of the Speculoos cookies. Only cost 69 pence. I sure was jealous since the Walgreens version here in the US costs $2 for six little cookies.

    1. hi..where did u buy the speculoos cookies here in UK? i am looking but i cant find one…thanks for ur help…

  2. I picked up a jar this May 29, 2013 this morning at my local TJ store in Northern California. Now they keep it lock and key, and you have to ask the shift manager to give you how many jars you want. They all know that it sells like hotcakes and a prized commodity. So the customers won’t take advantage and sell on the black market 3 to 4 times the regular prize.

    I tasted with toast the next morning, and it was OK nothing really special. However the next 2 days I tried it eating itself with a spoon. This is decent and good as a treat. It was creamy but little too sweet. I had hints of ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and some cardamon. Although the spread was stuck on the roof of my mouth. The weird feeling is the crunchy crushed speculaas cookie crumbs in the spread. I didn’t quite like the texture of it, but I eaten the crumbs anyway with my teeth.

    I wouldn’t buy it with all of the hype that is going on all over the world. Can you believe that other countries like Canada, Europe and some parts in Asia are having a shortage just because of this addicting and delicious spread? I know this product cannot last forever but should be only available on certain months like either Winter and Fall (September to February).

  3. You can buy the original in the UK in Waitrose, it’s called Lotus Biscuit Spread, they sell the biscuits (cookies to Americans) too

  4. My nephews and nieces in the Philippines asked me to order two boxfull of this product. I’m getting ready to send them. Ermil Allen Napalan said it’s very delicious and the flavor that you cant find nowhere in any grocery stores.

  5. They just opened a trader joes near me. Decided to go exploring. Found this gem and I’m hooked. I can only hope the rest of my choices are as tasty.

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