Trader Joe’s Vegetable Spring Rolls

Trader Joe;s Vegetable Spring Rolls

Trader Joe’s Vegetable Spring Rolls with Kale, Edamame, Mushrooms and Shredded Tofu. You know if you’ve been following this blog for any time that I am a sucker for anything Asian that Trader Joe’s makes. The frozen section is one of the first places I look when I hit any Trader Joe’s. I can’t wait to see what new goodies they come up with.

Normally I don’t order spring rolls when I go out to eat Chinese food. Don’t get me wrong, I love them for the most part, but most of the ones you get at those American-Chinese restaurants are filled with way too much cabbage. I’m humble opinion there should be less cabbage and more of the stuff we like! Nothing worse than getting a soggy, cabbagey spring rolls delivered to your table. I know you can’t get away from the cabbage since it’s the main ingredient but sometimes too much cabbage makes for an awful spring roll.

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Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Shrimp

Trader Joe’s Honey Walnut Shrimp. If you’ve been following along with me over the years, you know that I have a real soft spot for Asian food. I lived in Thailand for a couple of years when I was a kid (parents were in the Foreign Service) and after that we were all hooked on some serious Asian food.

One of the first places I look when I go to Trader Joe’s is the frozen section to see if there are any new Asian dishes there. I was lucky today and found this really good looking Honey Walnut Shrimp! I love the Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp and I was hoping that Trader Joe’s wouldn’t disappoint me. When I got this and took it to the checkout line, even the checkers hadn’t seen it yet and were super excited to try it!

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Trader Joe’s Chicken Egg Rolls

Trader Joe's Chicken Egg Rolls
Trader Joe’s Chicken Egg Rolls

Trader Joe’s Chicken Egg Rolls. I’m a dumpster diver when it comes to most Asian food. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every Asian styled food item at TJ’s at some point or another and some are excellent and many are awful! I eat Chinese/Thai/Japanese food a few times a week. It seems that there are Asian fast food lunch place all over the place near where I work. I really can’t get enough of it and it’s making me fat! But that’s for another blog…

Trader Joe's Chicken Egg Rolls
Trader Joe’s Chicken Egg Rolls

I’ve always been hesitant to get frozen egg rolls. I’ve had them before. They seem to come out a football games and poker night and they are always a soggy mess and never taste all that great. I’m here to tell you that these are no different! The thing about these egg rolls is that there is only one way to prepare them and that’s in a deep fryer. Something most of us don’t have or want to crank up every time you want some egg rolls. So most of us just put them in the oven and bake them hoping they turn out right. Which never seems to happen.

Same happened with these. I didn’t want to heat up several cups of oil so I flipped on the oven and baked them per the instructions on the packaging. Sure enough the wrapper on roll came out soggy and mushy. The outside wrapper tasted like cardboard to me. Once that happens, I can barely get through the rest of it. But I did manage to choke down eat a whole egg roll and tried to taste the inside by itself in case you want to deep fry them and they just didn’t have a lot of flavor and the insides were all mushy too.

I’m sorry but I am going to have to give these Trader Joe’s Chicken Egg Rolls a really low score. They just didn’t cut it for me. They were flavorless and mushy. I am going to give them a 5 Bell score!

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