Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream

Speculoos Ice CreamTrader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter Ice Cream. I am a little late on this review, but wanted to make sure I got every single Trader Joe’s speculoos product in the blog. God knows we need more speculoos cookie butter products! In fact, I was talking to one the checkers at my local Trader Joe’s the other day and mentioned that no matter how much speculoos flavored products they throw out there, they just can’t keep them on the shelf! It has really taken the world by storm…

I could say I told you all so, but I told you so! Trader Joe’s might as well spin off a new line of stores called the Everything Speculoos stores. I predicted two years ago they would come out with an Ice Cream (Trader Joe’s can send me a check for suggesting it so long ago!). So now we have four different cookie butters in the jar, cookie butter chocolate cups, plain old speculoos cookies and god knows what I missed. Trader Joe’s will continue to capitalize on this phenomenon for the foreseeable future. I think they could easily have two different ice creams. One with the chocolate swirl and the regular one. But why stop there? Cookie butter pumpkin pie! Speculoos Cookie Butter Xmas house kits! Speculoos flavored bagels? Speculoos bars? Speculoos flavored cheese? Cookie butter flavored syrup (to put on your ice cream!)The possibilities are endless!

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Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups

20141011_113403Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Speculoos Cookie Butter Cups. It’s that time of year again when Trader Joe’s rolls out their Fall lineup. Mostly it’s pumpkin flavored things. It’s amazing what they put that pumpkin spice flavor in. The checkout guys told me that they had something like 65 different pumpkin spice flavored items this year, which he said was almost double what they had last year. He said that sales were through the roof on these things and they couldn’t keep many of them in stock. I think the weirdest one was the pumpkin spice flavored bread croutons… I think that was a bridge too far…

Anyway, This is about Speculoos not pumpkin but the funny thing is that they are related in the fact that Trader Joe’s likes to release new Speculoos products in the winter months, especially during the holidays when sweets consumption is at an all time high. I just reviewed the latest Speculoos product which I didn’t think was the best effort to date. I wasn’t fond of the “creme” in the dark chocolate cookie butter and creme. I liked the dark chocolate part quite a bit and I think dark chocolate has a natural affinity to speculoos cookie butter.

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Trader Joe’s Cookies and Creme Cookie Butter

Cookies and creme cookie butterTrader Joe’s Cookies and Creme Cookie Butter review. I knew¬†Trader Joe’s would take my advice one day! They are basically turning everything in to cookie butter! Someday speculoos cookie butter might just take over the store if they don’t watch out. That and pumpkin flavored products!

I really couldn’t believe that they made another cookie butter in a jar product. What are we up to now four different jars? Regular Speculoos, Crunchy, Cookie and Cocoa swirl and now Cookies and Creme. Along with that they are putting it into anything they can we now have chocolate cookie butter cups and cookie butter ice cream and so on. But I think they realize what pays the bills and that’s cookie butter and pumpkin flavored products.

OK, what we have here is the cocoa cookie butter with a swirl of white “creme”. When I first saw this I was saying to myself, have they jumped the shark on this? At this point, they now have four different cookie butter jars taking up shelf space. Is this sustainable? What’s next, pumpkin spice cookie butter??? Christmas cookie butter? Green cookie butter for St. Patrick’s day? Why don’t they just open a cookie butter store?!?! I digress…

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