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Trader Joe’s Top 10 Pizzas for 2023

Trader Joe's Top Pizzas 2023

Trader Joe’s Top Pizzas 2023

If you shop at Trader Joe’s you know they love pizza! In fact, they have a wide variety of pizza and flatbreads. It’s one of their best selling product categories. If your family is like family we eat a LOT of pizza.  My family eats a ton of pizza and I thought it would be a good idea to rank their pizzas. This is a totally subjective list of Trader Joe’s top 10 pizzas, but I have been eating Trader Joe’s food and especially their pizzas for a long time.

What I really like about Trader Joe’s pizzas, in general, is that they have a wide variety of them. They have frozen ones, they have ones in the fridge section ready to bake and they also carry pizza dough, which is one of their best selling products. Obviously, Trader Joe’s is not stupid, it’s one of the most popular foods around the world and comes in all different styles and shapes and sizes. It has transcended all cultures at this point.  If you want evidence of how popular pizza is in the United States, just walk into any mainstream grocery store and behold the amount of space taken up by the frozen pizza section. You literally have hundreds of pizzas to choose from.

The last time I went to Trader Joe’s, I counted about 20 different pizzas options in the store (if you include the fresh dough options). That’s an incredible selection of pizzas and even I don’t know what to pick sometimes. This list below is purely subjective for my tastes, but let me know which is your favorite in the comments! Some of these pizzas seem to disappear and reappear which is typical of Trader Joe’s. If you can’t find your one of these pizzas, ask the manager at the front desk when it might come back.

10 – Organic Pesto Pizza 


Trader Joe’s Pesto Pizza

 I really liked this pizza when I reviewed it years ago and I still like it today. Unfortunately, I can’t get my kids to eat it so I don’t buy it very much anymore. All they want is pepperoni! But I really did enjoy the vegetables and pesto. If you want a veggie/pesto pizza that is also Organic, this is the real deal. You might need to put more cheese on it but otherwise, it was pretty yummy. You know what? I didn’t taste half bad either! I don’t know how they did it, but those tomatoes didn’t turn to mush when they baked on the pizza. The pesto sauce wasn’t too much. Many times pesto on a pizza can be a little oily but they seemed to have put down a really thin layer. The pizza is topped with pesto sauce, then tomatoes, then some cheese, and then a sprinkling of broccoli. It is all very appealing to the eye. I really enjoyed it!

9. Trader Joe’s Organic Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Trader Joes Organic Vegetable Pizza

Trader Joes Organic Vegetable Pizza


I really like this pizza. I can’t get my kids to eat this pizza. It’s got zucchini and eggplant, which I absolutely love, but my kids won’t eat it. We call this type of pizza an “adult pizza”, Ha! 😉 My wife and I bake this Trader Joe’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza and make a salad and you can’t have a cheaper, more nutritious dinner than that. The preparation is similar to every other Trader Joe’s frozen pizza. Heat the oven up to 425 F degrees and throw the pizza directly on the middle rack. Do not use a pizza stone. I have always had good luck with this method, although there are some I have heard that it gets messy and toppings fall off and burn. You could use some foil or a baking sheet if you want. I find that it takes a couple of minutes longer with a baking sheet.

8. Trader Joe’s Organic Cheese and Tomato Pizza Family Size

Trader Joe's Organic Family Cheese Pizza

Trader Joe’s Organic Family Cheese Pizza


Like their other pizzas that come from Italy, these come with a pretty thin crust. This one looks thinner than the round pizzas, but I think in this case that’s a good thing. They mention on the back of the box that you should use this pizza as a starting place for whatever you can think up and I think that’s a good idea, but for this review, I kept it simple and just added a little bit of mozzarella since the cheese looked a little sparse.

7. Trader Joe’s Meatless Meat Eaters Pizza

Trader Joe’s Vegan Meatless Pizza


Taken altogether, this wasn’t half bad! You wouldn’t know this was a vegan pizza. I could eat this on a regular basis and not miss having any real meat. The only off-putting thing was the weird texture on the “pepperoni” but when you take a bit of the crust and sauce and everything altogether, you don’t really notice it. At 750 calories, it’s too much for one person and not enough for two to split.

I wish it was either a little smaller or a little bigger. But either way, vegan pizza has come a long way in the past couple of years and I could probably feed this to my kids and they wouldn’t have a clue that they weren’t eating all vegetables!

6. Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Cheese Pizza (Cauliflower Crust)

Trader Joes Gluten Free Cheese Pizza Cauliflower crust

Trader Joes Gluten Free Cheese Pizza Cauliflower crust


First, the crust is a little soft in that it doesn’t hold its structure as well as a wheat based crust. Since there is no gluten, there is nothing to hold it together and form holes as you see in bread. But it held together with good enough for me to lift it and take a bite out of it. It tasted almost exactly like every other American frozen pizza out there. Which I guess is a good thing. Trader Joe’s obviously didn’t want to stray to far from an American classic. The sauce and cheese are a step above the cheap stuff in your normal American grocery store frozen section. They have a nice flavor. The crust is weird though. It was soft and chewy but in a gummy way. It was almost like uncook wheat dough. It got a little crispy on the bottom, but the main part of the cauliflower crust was gummy. I think that just comes with the territory of a gluten free crust. You give up one thing for another.

All in all, if you really don’t want gluten (I for one, love gluten), then this is a great alternative to a wheat based pizza crust. Even my kids ate a couple of slices before figuring out something was different. Which can’t be all bad!

5. Trader Joe’s Organic Wood Fired Sicilian Style Pizza


Trader Joe’s Wood Fired Sicilian style Pizza


For a frozen pizza, it doesn’t get much better than this for a frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s. If you like your pizza on the spicy side with no meat, this is for you. This pizza comes with a little pouch of spicy, flavored olive oil that you can drizzle on the pizza after it comes out of the oven.

4. Trader Joe’s Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

Trader Joe's Pepperonie Pizza

Trader Joe’s Pepperonie Pizza


These pizzas are made in the USA as opposed to many of their Italian made pizzas. This one is thicker and has more sauce than the Italian ones. The crust is crunchy on the edges and bottom but has a fair amount of chewiness in the center. There is ample sauce and it has a nice tomato flavor with a nice rich complex base. There is a fair amount of pepperoni on it. IMHO, there is never too much pepperoni on a pizza, but if I were a real pepperoni lover, I would add more if I were you.

I have to say this is one of the better frozen pepperoni pizzas out there on the market and for $4.99 a pizza, you can hardly go wrong. I usually buy two at a time because one of my sprouting teenagers can eat a whole one by himself. I personally don’t know where he puts it but there isn’t much I can do to stop him.

3. Trader Joe’s Pizza Parlanno


Trader Joes Pizza Parlanno


Trader’s is obviously trying to compete with the Celeste and Red Baron’s of the frozen pizza world with this pizza and I think they do a great job (for frozen pizza). This is the kitchen sink pizza. It’s got pepperoni and sausage. Onions, Red and yellow bell peppers. It’s all on a thin, cracker like crust that has a really nice crunch when you bite into it. There is a fair amount of sauce and cheese and it all seems to work together. They are pretty simple to make, pull them out of the box and put them right on the wire rack in the oven. That makes sure the crust is very crunchy. Something I don’t strive for in my own pizzas, but from store bought it ain’t half bad.

You have to remember that this isn’t anything near a real pizzeria style pizza, but something you can have a quick meal or something to feed the kids in a hurry. There isn’t a lot of pizza here so you would need 2-3 of them to feed a growing family like mine.

2. Trader Joe’s Tarte d’Alsace


Trader Joe’s Tarte D’Alsace

Not technically a pizza, but a flatbread what the hell it looks like a pizza? I had the joy of traveling in the Alsace region of France a few years back and tastes the real thing on several occasions. While this is quite as good, it’s a worthy replacement for the real thing. In the Alsace, they are mainly used for appetizers and that’s how we use them too. But, it makes a good meal, especially with a nice salad on the side. The crisp, thin dough and lack of tomato sauce are a nice contrast to the typical pizza.

1. Trader Joe’s Fresh Pizza Dough


Trader Joe's Fresh Pizza Dough

Trader Joe’s Fresh Pizza Dough


How can you go wrong here? Trader Joe’s has been selling pizza dough for as long as I’ve been shopping there. We are all for it. With a few simple steps, that I lay out in this blog post, you can make wonderful pizza with the equipment you already have in your kitchen or you can bump it up a notch if you have a pizza stone or even a dedicated pizza oven as I do. The sky is the limit here. You can also make calzones or Chicago-style stuffed pizza. You can choose between the herbed and plain dough.

Trader Joe’s Pizza dough out of the oven

**** From Scratch ****

I included this because if you have the time and equipment, this is by far the best way to make pizza. Even better than using Trader Joe’s fresh pizza dough. Although I like Trader Joe’s fresh pizza dough, it isn’t exactly the type of dough I like to use. I like Neopolitan-style pizza and I have a dedicated pizza oven where I bake 90% of my pizzas, but even I don’t always have time to make my dough fresh. If you are interested in making pizza dough from scratch, I suggest you read my post on how to make the best pizza you’ll ever make. You can buy everything at Trader Joe’s and it’s really not that hard. You just need a couple of extra pieces of equipment that you may or may not have.

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  1. Next time, please order it as Title of pizza, photo, and then description. The way you have it ordered it is not clear without going back an fourth which description goes with which photo.

  2. Louis G Thompson

    Yesterday we baked a TJ’s Parlanno pizza directly on the oven rack at 450°F after it had already thawed. We pulled it out when the pepperoni edges were starting to blacken. I’ve never been impressed by TJ’s pizzas, but this one ranked right at the top of my list, right beside Shakey’s thin crust pepperoni. I’m hoping to re-create the experiment.

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