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Welcome to my Trader Joe’s Review blog! Let me tell you what you’ll see here on this blog. This blog will review just about anything that Trader Joe’s makes: from food, to booze to cleaning supplies to dog food. I started this blog way back in 2009 when my kids were toddlers. Here I am many years later still passionate about Trader Joe’s and cooking.

My name is Steve and I’m a Trader Joe’s addict. I am in no way affiliated with Trader Joe’s in any way other than that I am generally a satisfied customer! In this blog, I am going to review as many Trader Joe’s products as I can. My wife and I shop there almost daily. You would too if you had teenage boys you needed to feed constantly. This blog is an offshoot of my inner foodie. My wife and I are seriously into food. We love to cook and eat out all the time. I collect cookbooks and recipes and love to travel and expand our food knowledge. I have extensive experience in the wine world having worked in the wine industry for over 10 years. I have taken courses from UC Davis and WSU on winemaking and have taught winemaking at the South Seattle Community College’s wine academy in their culinary department.

First up, I am not being paid by Trader Joe’s. I have never worked there. I think Trader Joe’s has a great idea and a great store. I will not hold anything back if I find a product I don’t like. I will let you know what I like and what I don’t. Trader Joe’s can release some seriously awful products from time to time. I will let you know the good and the bad.

My hometown Trader Joe’s is the Totem Lake store in Kirkland, WA. I occasionally go to the Trader’s in Redmond, WA or Bellevue, but those are the stores I visit most often. I have been to Trader Joe’s in several different states including Oregon, California, Arizona, Virginia, Florida, and Maryland.

I feel like I have been involved in cooking and food for most of my life. My mother was a Julia Childs addict and I grew up with Julia on TV all the time. Both of my parents are accomplished home chefs and I just picked up the bug when I went to college when I got my first apartment I started to collect cookbooks and had cooking shows on all the time. I do the majority of the cooking in our house and raising two boys who loved to eat and help me cook pushed me to make this blog as a way to keep track of all the different Trader Joe’s foods.

What can you expect from me? I will write an almost daily review of Trader Joe’s products. I have two teen boys that need a lot of food so we go to Trader Joe’s frequently. This gives me lots of opportunities to keep up with new products. I’ve been a bit of a foodie since I can remember. My mother and father were Foodies before people used that word. Everyone in my family loves food.

How I rate these products: 1-10 Bells (you know how they ring the bell in Traders?)

1 Bell – Please remove it from the shelf immediately

5 Bells – OK, not great, but average

10 Bells – The best food ever needs to be put in the TJ’s Hall of Fame.

We will be reviewing just about everything in the store, but mainly concentrate on the food and wine. Trader’s has an extensive supplement section but rarely uses them. I have heard good things about their quality so I’ll leave that section to others. The other thing we will not delve too deeply into is the fresh produce and meats. Those are highly variable depending on location but occasionally we’ll wade into that area and review those items. We’ll have an occasional recipe and food and wine pairing too. I love to cook and Trader Joe’s pushes my knowledge of food constantly.


I am open to advertising opportunities. Please email me if you would like to place an ad on this blog.

(I am in no way affiliated with Trader Joe’s in any way other than I am generally a satisfied customer)

If you would like to contact me, send an email to clubtraderjoes (at) gmail dot com

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  1. I had the turkey-less roll for Thanksgiving. I thought it was terrific! First time for me and yes, I did follow the recipe on the side. I also added extra water, oil and spices. I am a vegan, my family of meat eaters even tried it…they were very surprised at how good it was. The gravy…you’re right nothing to scream about, but I added a little salt, sage and some pepper and dice sauteed yellow onions. It was pretty darn good considering!

    • I think it makes a great base for something and really needs to be doctored up. The gravy I suppose you could rescue, but I thought why bother…

  2. Found your site when searching for reviews on Honey Walnut Shrimp.. We are a retired empty nester couple and frequently shop Trader Joe’s. Cooking has been my joy for many years and we are at an age where finding simple, yummy dishes @ TJ’s fits our lifestyle.. I look forward to reading your reviews and leaving my thoughts on products we have tried.. :o)

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