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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome blog! I was just looking up one of my favorite TJs products and Google brought me here. I have now been browsing your website for almost an hour. So many awesome, in depth posts. I love Trader Joe’s and it is great that you have such a great, honest way of reviewing its products. Thank you!!

    • The same story with me, I was googling my favorite dried fruit snack from Trader Joe’s… Fruit Ends & Pieces. I don’t think they carry it anymore, it’s been a few years since I remember finding it. This is the first time on your blog, I look forward to checking it out more! Finding new things to try that others have given honest reviews on is nice since dealing with a picky 8 year old can be challenging.
      I have 4 locations within a 15 minute drive in the Sacramento, CA area; Fair Oaks, Roseville, Folsom & Sacramento. Drive 20-30 minutes and add a few more TJ stores to the list but with the coronavirus pandemic I haven’t been there. I read awful stories on about customers long lines of waiting during this coronavirus. So my friend went by Roseville’s TJ’s a few days ago @ 10:00am and left after seeing the long line out to the parking lot. I may try calling the 2 closest to me and asking what the situation looks like there with a 6 foot social distancing rule in a small space. Have a healthy & safe holiday season:).
      Nikki, 48 ?California

      • We are fortunate here in the suburbs near Seattle. The lines for most of the stores are either non existent or very short. But I know stores that were bad even before Covid like NYC and in Washington DC. I just try to go off hours. Usually in the early afternoon. Early mornings are busy because I think everyone thinks that’s when it’s going to be slow, but around me the 1-3pm time is slowest

  2. Just bought 3 pack of candles. Lemon verbena, raspberries & roses – awesome. Rhubarb & bamboo?? It is a clean scent, but, why?? Who thought of this odd combo??

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