Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter


Speculoos Cookie Butter
Speculoos Cookie Butter

Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter. SpecuWhat? What in the world? Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter?!?! I thought Trader Joe’s had a misspelled label when I first saw this. I’ve traveled and eaten all over the world, but I don’t remember anything called “speculoos”. So I did what any modern human does… I turned to Google and search the word Speculoos to find out what the fuss was about.

What is Speculoos? Speculoos are a traditional cookie that is made around the holiday season in Holland, Belguim and northern France. They have all the traditional holiday spices, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves,  ginger. Trader Joe’s has in the past carried the hard version of this spread and they are usually called Dutch Windmill Cookies.

So how did speculoos make it’s way into a spread? A couple of years ago some genius decided that having cookies weren’t enough, how about we grind them up (or actually never make it to cookie stage) and make a butter-like spread out of them. I guess if you add enough oil or butter to something it will thicken up into a spread like this.

In this case, this hits the nail on the head. It has the consistency of peanut butter and you could be mistaken to think it has nuts in it by looking at it, but there are none! It’s basically cookie dough in a spreadable concoction. So what do you do with Speculoos? I’m sure you could bake with it. Maybe put it into a pie or bread or something else. I think the main intent is to use it as a spread on toast and maybe something like sandwiches instead of peanut butter.

First I tasted it straight out of the jar and found it quite interesting. The flavors had a mild mixture of the familiar holiday spices we are accustomed too. Consistency is just like creamy peanut butter. No spice sticks out on the palate, but you can tell they are all there all nicely blended together. Next I put it on hot toast and it melted like peanut butter would into a gooey rich mess on my toast. That’s when all the flavors woke up and came alive. It was totally pleasing. I gave some to my older son and he loved it! On the label it says it’s a product of the Netherlands so I can only assume it’s authentic. For all you Dutch people out there having a hard time getting your Speculoos fix, run to Trader Joe’s!

I’m going to rate this Speculoos  8 Bells!


This post has gotten a ton of hits in the past few days and I wanted to first thank everyone that has come here to see my review and secondly to say that I had no idea how popular this product was. At first I thought, what in the world would you do with this stuff, then I read a few more blog posts and really the options are endless. It can be put on pancakes and waffles or actually into the batter. You can bake cakes and cookies with speculoos as an ingredient. There is a ton of ideas out there! A good place to start is the Bischoff (this is the Belgian version of Speculoos) website with a bunch of recipes: Good luck and let me know what interesting things you did with your Speculoos!

Update 3/21/12:

After a brief hiatus, the Speculoos Cookie Butter had reappeared in most Trader Joe’s shops across the country. There was much rejoicing in the streets when it magically appeared again. I think it will be around again for a while, but if you are worried about your fix of this stuff, save a few jars in the back of your pantry. You never know when Traders will pull it off the shelf again!

I set up a Facebook page for this product! Become a fan!

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9 Replies to “Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter”

  1. hey steve, so sorry i forgot to link to your image, i always remember and my pregnant brain has been very spacy this week. adding right now, thanks again:)
    p.s. isn't this stuff amazing?

  2. I really hope the cookie butter is still here after the holiday! It is not on the shelf at my local trader joe's. Could you imagine having to wait a year to get more of this great product!?

  3. The Trader Joe's near my house in Tucson, AZ just got this in and I couldn't believe my eyes. Perfect spread on a Brussels Waffle, or just by the spoonful.

  4. I may sound a little crazy but I don't care… I called every week for 3months to see if they had got it in…I don't think anyone comes close to how much I love this stuff…its just simply heaven sent..and is also known to heal the broken heart lol. .Even gave it to 3 friends as a Valentines Day gift with a loaf of the plain white trader joes bread and a bundle of bananas (thats how we have our cookie butter) sliced bananas in it yumm.!

  5. In most cases I love the Trader Joe’s version of any product, but in this instance, I prefer the original Biscoff spread, and particularly the new (to me) “Biscoff Crunchy.” This TJ’s version seems to have a slightly different, smoother consistency that I don’t like, and maybe a little too much cinnamon too. However, I’d love to see TJ’s do a crunchy version.

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