Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough FAQ

Trader Joe's Fresh Pizza Dough
Trader Joe’s Fresh Pizza Dough

I get a lot of questions about Trader Joe’s fresh pizza dough. I thought I would consolidate them into a concise list of questions for everyone to read. Not that I don’t like answering your questions, but with millions of hits on this website, I end up answering the same ones over and over. Here are the top questions:

Does Trader Joe’s have fresh pizza dough? 

Yes, all Trader Joe’s carry fresh pizza dough. They carry three types. Plain, Whole Wheat, and Herb. (This has actually changed in recent years. It’s dependent on where you live. Some locations have all three, and some only have two)

It’s in the fridge section next to the meat and freshly prepared meals. I do hear that in some locations there is a fresh Gluten Free version of the dough. I have not seen it in the Seattle area. I will keep my eyes out for it.

How long does Trader Joe’s pizza dough last?

That answer depends on a few things. On the countertop at room temperature, maybe only 4-6 hours before it rises and turns into a gooey mess. In the fridge, a day or two before it ferments into a gooey mess. If I am not using my dough, it goes in the freezer for up to a couple of months before it starts to get freezer burn. Just take it out and let it thaw on the counter for several hours before you start using it.

Trader Joe’s Dough Pan Pizza

How do you defrost Trader Joe’s pizza dough?

I just put it in a lightly oiled bowl with plastic wrap covering the bowl. I want it to thaw out and come to room temperature and start to rise a little. This could take four hours. You can put it in the microwave and defrost it, but be very careful not to cook the dough. The best method is in a bowl on the counter for several hours.

Does Trader Joe’s have gluten-free Pizza dough?

There are gluten-free pizza crust shells in the freezer section. EDITED, I hear that some regions do have fresh Trader Joe’s Gluten Free pizza dough. I have not seen it in the Seattle area. I will test it as soon as I can get my hands on the Trader Joe’s Gluten Free dough but in the meantime, you can use the frozen shells.

Can I freeze Trader Joe’s Pizza dough? 

Yes, just throw the dough and the bag in the freezer for up to two months. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to thaw it out before you try to bake with it. I would remove it from the bag and put it in a greased bowl. The dough can stick to the bag making it difficult to work with.

Which is the best Trader Joe’s Pizza dough?

I like the plain the best, but they are all good. The herbed dough is kind of different but works the same as the plain dough. The whole wheat is slightly sweeter than the other two, but then you are getting whole wheat. I find the whole wheat doesn’t stretch as much

Trader Joe’s Fresh Pizza Dough

Can you defrost pizza dough in hot water?

I would never do this. You might get water in the dough and that would be a big mess. Just put it in a bowl in a warm location and cover it with plastic wrap across the top of the bowl.

What else can I make with Trader Joe’s pizza dough?

I have made focaccia, flatbread, centioli, grilled pizza, calzones, and breadsticks. I once tried to turn it into a loaf of bread that was quite good, if a little salty (pizza dough has a lot more salt than regular bread dough). The sky is the limit. The dough is really good.

If you want to make a pan pizza, see my blog post on a quick and easy way to make a pan pizza.

How much Trader Joe’s pizza dough is there in a bag?

There is 1 pound (454 grams)  of dough. In my opinion, that is too much to make a 16″ pizza, which is a standard large pizza size. I cut mine in half and made two smaller pizzas. It is a good amount for a couple of calzones or one big sheet of pizza.

Why is my pizza soggy/uncooked/not brown in the middle? 

Make sure you have your oven at 450 and I think the single best thing you can do for quality pizza is a good pizza stone. Heat it up for a good 1/2 hour before you put the pizza in the oven.

How many pizzas can one bag of dough make?

It depends on what you are making. You can easily make 2-3 calzones, one pan pizza on a regular sheet pan, and One deep dish pizza. I make two smaller pizzas out of the ball because it ends up being too thick for one 16″ pizza. I usually make two 12″ pizzas. Having a pizza stone is the best way to make regular round pizzas. Even better is a pizza oven like an Ooni.

Trader Joe's Pizza Dough Back Label on Bag
Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Back Label on Bag

What are the Cooking Instructions for Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough?

These are the official cooking instructions on the back of the bag. Honestly, I wouldn’t follow these. A 12″ pizza from this ball of dough is going to be a big fluffy mess. I would cut it in half and form the two pieces into balls let sit for about an hour and then form them into pizzas. Preheat the pizza stone for an hour at 500. Then put the pizza on the stone and keep an eye on it through the window of the oven (if you have one).


Leave dough out at room temperature for 20 minutes. Remove the dough from the package. Flour the work surface liberally and stretch the dough into a 12″ diameter circle. Top with your favorite pizza toppings.

Oven: Preheat the Oven to 450F put pizza on a lightly oiled pan or hot pizza stone and bake for 6-8 minutes, or until the cheese bubbles and the bottom of the crust is golden brown.

Barbeque: Place a pizza stone on the BBQ and preheat. Place the pizza on the stone and cook on medium for 6-8 minutes until the cheese bubbles and the bottom is golden brown.

What is Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough Nutrition?

This is for the regular plain pizza dough nutrition:

Trader Joe’s Plain Pizza Dough (2 oz.) contains 25g total carbs, 24g net carbs, 440mg of sodium, Dietary Fiber 2g, 2.5g fat, 5g protein, and 120 calories.

Trader joes pizza dough nutrition


  1. Thanks for this article on Trader Joe’s pizza dough. We have used it a couple of times and plan to keep using it and was nice to read your tips especially on freezing and defrosting.

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