Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle

Trader Joe's Jingle Jangle Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle. I imagine the people at Trader Joe’s headquarters sitting around in conference rooms many months before Christmas and think up even more diabolical ways to get more chocolate into our diets. Let’s put dark chocolate on Almonds! Done! Let’s put dark chocolate on dried edamame! Done! Let’s make dark chocolate cookie butter cups! Done! Dark chocolate in cheese! Done! Done Done… they seem to have an unlimited amount of dark chocolate and things to put it on, in or on top of. You know, that’s fine for me and most of my friends. I am not a big fan of milk chocolate, it simply doesn’t have that much flavor. To me, dark chocolate is like coffee, endless variety of flavors. Complex flavors like a good red wine. Some are fruity, some are tannic and others are nutty… I think wine along with chocolate and coffee are the best at expressing the “terroir” of where they are grown best. There is also a lot of growing evidence that it’s very good for your heart. So, I say bring it on!!

Typical of Christmas time in Trader Joe’s there is a plethora of new products. Some will stay with us for many years, like the gingerbread house kit, and others die a quick death never to be seen again. I’m not sure that Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle will be with us in a year, but we are really enjoying it while it is with us. My wife and I were shopping there a couple of days ago and she say the large round tin and said, she wanted it just for the tin because she loved the graphics on it and she wanted to store Xmas stuff in it off season. She ended up buy six (6) of them! She loved the stuff inside them way more than she thought and the kids plowed through the first one in a couple of days.

This is truly a throwback to the time when you were growing up and your mother threw a bunch of stuff together in a bowl and put it out as a snack when guests came over for the holidays. Kind of like a christmas chex mix. In the tin are an assortment of things either covered in chocolate or have chocolate in them. Mostly it’s dark chocolate. There are mini pretzels covered in both milk and dark chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle. Dark chocolate covered caramel popcorn, dark chocolate covered joe-joe cookie bits, fake red M&Ms and then my kids favorites which were both the milk and dark chocolate covered peanut butter cups!

My family loved all of them except the fake red M&Ms. They picked through the peanut butter cups first, then the pretzels and then the popcorn leaving a layer of the red “gems” (as Trader Joe’s calls them) in the bottom of the tin. I really like the Jingle Jangle a lot. There is a lot for the dark chocolate lover amongst us. Lots of sweet salty with the pretzels.

I think if you are a chocolate lover and like to put out a bowl of snacks or even give this as a gift, I think you won’t go wrong either way. My only complaint was the little red M&M wannabees in there. They seemed to not get eaten as much as everything else. But maybe that is just my family. I am going to rate the Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle 9 Bells!

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