Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough – How to make a pan pizza at home

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know I love pizza. We eat it a couple of times a week here at my house. With two growing boys, we have to keep up with their appetites and one thing I know is that pizza is great way to fill them up!

I wanted to share two methods to make perfect pizza at home with Trader Joe’s dough. I prefer their plain dough, but the whole wheat and herbed dough will also work exactly the same for both these recipes.

The first one I am going to make is the pan pizza. This is so simple, you’ll never buy frozen pizza again! You just push the dough on the pan and top it up and bake it. Pretty simple if you ask me!  First let’s get to the ingredients list:

  • Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough (plain, herbed or whole wheat)
  • Trader Joe’s Pizza Sauce
  • Trader Joe’s Whole Milk Mozzarella or Quattro Formaggio
  • Pepperoni (varies by Trader Joe’s locations)
  • Trader Joe’s Dried Oregano
  • Any other topping you want to put on! Mushrooms, veggies, pineapples, whatever!

Let’s get to the steps:

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Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Chardonnay

Charles Shaw Chardonnay

I probably should’ve written this review years ago, but it always seemed like I was going to get to “tomorrow”, but that tomorrow finally came when I picked up a bottle of Charles Shaw 2015 Chardonnay. This wine is more widely known as “Two Buck Chuck” for the stupid cheap price of .99 at one time. If you can get Two Buck Chuck in your neck of the woods, it’s likely at a higher price. Here in Washington State, it’s a astronomical .99 a bottle.

A little background on me, I worked (no longer, but you never forget) in the wine industry for 17 years and have tasted just about every type of wine from ,000 bottles of 200 year old Madeira to cheapest box wine from Safeway. So, I know a little about wine. Now, you might say, he’s a wine snob… but that’s far from the truth. It’s true I like a really nice bottle of wine and they can get quite expensive. Our weeknight bottle of white wine is usually around – so it’s not too far off from Charles Shaw wines.

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Trader Joe’s Just Beets

Just Beets?

Trader Joe’s Just Beets. Just Beets it! Just Beets It! I have the Michael Jackson song running through my head just looking at these. Or maybe Weird Al’s spoof on the song, I don’t know… I love beets just like anyone who loves their vegetables. We like to roast them or pressure cook them and then slice them or dice them and serve them on a salad or with olive oil and cheese. You won’t be doing that with these!

OK, these are basically dehydrated beets in a bag. Kind of like Astronaut Ice Cream but without all the sugar. Actually, the dehydrated beets are actually kind of sweet. Sugar beets are still the primary source of sugar in many northern European countries, so they can get quite sweet. But I digress… These beets are more like potato chips than anything else. In fact, if you have had sweet potato chips then you are kind of in the right ballpark, except these beets have been freeze dried and not deep fried.

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