Trader Joe’s Cookies and Creme Cookie Butter

Cookies and creme cookie butterTrader Joe’s Cookies and Creme Cookie Butter review. I knew Trader Joe’s would take my advice one day! They are basically turning everything in to cookie butter! Someday speculoos cookie butter might just take over the store if they don’t watch out. That and pumpkin flavored products!

I really couldn’t believe that they made another cookie butter in a jar product. What are we up to now four different jars? Regular Speculoos, Crunchy, Cookie and Cocoa swirl and now Cookies and Creme. Along with that they are putting it into anything they can we now have chocolate cookie butter cups and cookie butter ice cream and so on. But I think they realize what pays the bills and that’s cookie butter and pumpkin flavored products.

OK, what we have here is the cocoa cookie butter with a swirl of white “creme”. When I first saw this I was saying to myself, have they jumped the shark on this? At this point, they now have four different cookie butter jars taking up shelf space. Is this sustainable? What’s next, pumpkin spice cookie butter??? Christmas cookie butter? Green cookie butter for St. Patrick’s day? Why don’t they just open a cookie butter store?!?! I digress…

cookies and cremeSo, I wasn’t overwhelmed by this one like the last three. I thought the original speculoos cookie butter was great, then crunchy put it on another dimension. Then came the Cookie Butter swirl with the chocolate and cookie butter swirled together which I thought was out of this world, but now we have cookies and creme which is the dark chocolate cookie butter with a swirl of white “creme”. Hmmmm… not my favorite. It’s not awful but I am not a fan of white creme icing. So you have this chocolate swirl with cookie butter bits floating around in it (YUM!) and this white creme icing that essentially has no flavor (Yuck!). Maybe they should call it Yin and Yang cookie butter.

Of the four cookie butters that come in a jar, this is by far my least favorite. I know many of you cookie butter speculoos fans may say that is blasphemous, but I’m sorry that’s my opinion and this is my blog ;-) Where most of the other cookie butters are 9 or 10, I am going to give this Trader Joe’s Cookies and Creme Speculoos Cookie Butter a 7 bells!

Trader Joe’s Meatless Italian Style Sausage and Cheese Flatbread Pizza

Trader Joe's Meatless FlatbreadTrader Joe’s Meatless Italian Style Sausage and Cheese Flatbread Pizza. Ok, I put the Pizza in there as part of the name because you know what, this is a pizza! I see this trend around me all the time. We want to be more upscale, so the name pizza is to pedestrian for us so  now it’s Flatbread. Don’t be fooled because this is all pizza!

Then there is the other trend that Trader Joe’s is foisting on us, the meatless fake meat trend. Do we need any more of it? There are so many good options for vegetarian pizzas why fake it? Vegetarians get enough protein from the cheese that the addition of meatless meat just seems forced.

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Trader Joe’s Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable BiryaniTrader Joe’s Vegetable Biryani with Vegetable Dumplings. I’ve never been to India but I have always wanted to visit at some point in my life. My wife went years ago, before we had kids on her own on a trip for women studies as a part of her degree work at the university. She spent 3 weeks there and while she thought most of it was crowded and filthy, the people were beautiful and the food was excellent. Fast forward several years, I work in the tech industry outside of Seattle. Mostly dominated by Microsoft where there are more than their fair share of Indian programmers. It’s not uncommon to eat at Indian restaurants for lunch and visit Indian markets for food. I have worked with many Indians in the tech industry and the vast majority of them are vegetarians. They have known no other way and if I was every to be a vegetarian, I would eat a heavy rotation of Indian food.

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