Trader Joe’s Salted Blister Peanuts

TraderJoesSaltedBlisterPeanutsTrader Joe’s Salted Blister Peanuts

When I made the switch from Blogger (yuck, petweey, ugh…) to WordPress (Shangri-La) several of my posts didn’t make it in the import for some reason. I just found out that my post about one of my favorite products, Trader Joe’s Salted Blister Peanuts, didn’t make it over and I just did a copy and paste and here it is again for your reading pleasure!

Blister Peanuts? What with that name? That really sounds awful, but in reality they are some of the best peanuts you can buy right now! These seem to be one of those mainstay products of Trader Joe’s that never goes away and that’s good for us peanut lovers.

You know sometimes you buy something for years, like Salmon Patties and then one day, Poof! they are gone! Trader’s is especially good at making products disappear after a successful run, never to reappear on their shelves. I’ve heard that the salmon patties might come back some day if they can find a new supplier (editor – as of the Fall of 2012 they are back in the freezer). My kids loved them and they were so healthy for them too…

Anyway, on to the Blister Peanuts. This is a pretty simply product. Peanuts and Salt. They say on the packaging that they are dunked in water to remove the red skin and then roasted and this process makes them extra crunchy. I have to agree, these are the crunchiest peanuts I’ve ever had. The nice thing about them too is that they are pretty darn big peanuts! I love eating peanuts. They are a great snack and fill me up instead of eating something like bread or crackers. Plus my kids love them too.

The only downside to these nuts are that they are a little too salty. I wish they would cut back the salt by a third and I think they would be perfect! Of course they are loaded with fat, but you know everything in moderation. Plus, peanuts are a good source of fiber and protein, so don’t feel too guilty about eating them. I really only eat them straight out of the bag and the only recipes I use peanuts is in  Thai food where I chop them up  and they are exceptionally good for sprinkling on top of my Phad Thai.

As I said before, these are one of my favorite products at Trader Joe’s. I usually have a couple of bags floating around the house for me and the kids. I would give them a perfect 10 but they can be a little too salty for me and I love my salt! I am going to give Trader Joe’s Salted Blister Peanuts 9 Bells!

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3 Replies to “Trader Joe’s Salted Blister Peanuts”

  1. TJ’s used to inventory an unsalted version, but it was taken off the shelves.
    With the unsalted version, you could mix the bags and have a perfectly
    salted double bag of peanuts!

    1. Exactly. The alternative is to mix a bag of TJ salted blister peanuts with a bag of TJ unsalted dry-roasted slivered almonds. Cuts the salt, and not a bad combo.

  2. As one who needs salt to prevent Hypotension I say “bring on the salt”. I love TJ’s Blister Peanuts just the way they are.

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