Trader Jose’s Guacamole Hummus

Trader Joe’s Guacamole Hummus

Here is  a quick review! Mexico meets the Middle East?!?! In typical Trader Joe’s fashion they mix up their cuisines and come up with something unique and interesting. I could imagine Mexicans inventing something like this, but since there are no avocados in the middle east, there is no way it could have come from that part of the world!  It reminds me of the old Reese’s candy bar commercials. You got Peanut Butter on my Chocolate! You got Avocados in my Hummus! Anyway this is a completely tasty and refreshing snack to dip your chips in (or your flatbread if your on the other side of the world). It looks like green hummus, but tastes more like guacamole than hummus. It’s got a slight bit of heat, which I like. It has a hummus texture and is great for dips. Take it to a party and ask your friends to guess what it is!

I’m going to give this 8 bells!


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