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Trader Joe’s (Maitre Pierre) Tarte D’Alace


Trader  Joe’s (Maitre Pierre) Tarte D’Alace

Trader Joe’s (Maitre Pierre) Tarte D’Alace  – Here is Trader Joe’s trying to get all sophisticated on us! Tarte D’Alsace? Who would’ve thunk they’d try and make us all world travelers? This is something that’s been in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s for a few years now and I thought it would be easy come, easy go but it’s survived the test of time and I think that’s great for all of us! The bigger question is this a pizza or not? It sure looks like one, but there are many types of “flatbread” around the world that look similar to pizza. They even call it flatbread on the box, but in reality this is very similar to something called Tarte Flambee (yes two EEs at the end).

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Trader Joe’s Organic Wood Fired Sicilian Style Pizza

Trader Joe’s Wood Fired Sicilian style Pizza

Trader Joe’s Organic Wood Fired Sicilian Style Pizza. I’m taking a quick break from the onslaught of holiday goodies from Trader Joe’s today. There are only so many cookies a person can eat! I decided to pop a pizza in the oven for lunch the other day and  I went to my stash of Trader Joe’s frozen pizza in the freezer and pulled a relatively new arrival at TJ’s. That is the Trader Joe’s Organic Wood Fired Sicilian style pizza. Long time readers know I am pizza geek and I make pizza all the time from scratch. A lot of times I use Trader Joe’s fresh pizza dough when I don’t have the time to do a scratch pizza dough. I am always curious about pizza of any type so I do buy a fair amount of the frozen pizzas at Trader Joe’s and many of them are quite good, like the Trader Joe’s Gluten Free pizza I reviewed a few weeks back.

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Trader Joe’s Gluten Free 3 Cheese Pizza

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Pizza

Trader Joe’s Gluten Free 3 Cheese Pizza. I am always on the hunt for a good frozen pizza for that quick and easy lunch/dinner and when I don’t want to make one from scratch. As you probably know, Trader Joe’s has a plethora of frozen and refrigerated pizzas. More than you could possibly taste on your own. There is BBQ pizza, cheese pizza, Alsatian tarts. I was looking through the frozen pizza section and a new box jumped out at me so I grabbed one.

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Trader Joe’s Pesto Pizza

Trader Joe’s Frozen Pesto Pizza

As you may have read in my Pizza Dough post I am a bit of a pizza geek. I routinely make pizza from scratch or buy the Trader Joe’s Pizza dough and roll my own. But sometimes, even that isn’t quick enough if I am in a hurry. So, I pick up some of these Trader Joe’s frozen pizzas and keep them in the freezer for those occasions. A while back I went on a pizza buying spree and bought a bunch of them and for this, I decided to try the Trader Joe’s Pesto Pizza from the frozen section.

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Trader Joe’s Pizza Parlanno Review


Trader Joes Pizza Parlanno

Anyone who knows me knows I am a nut about pizza! My kids can wolf down pepperoni pizza like nobody’s business and I know when I want them to eat a big meal, all I have to do is get some pepperoni pizza I know I’m set for the meal.

I’ve been super interested in pizza making for many years and I usually make my own dough from scratch and bake it in my oven on a granite pizza stone. I have dreams of building a wood fired pizza oven in the back yard but I really need to get off my butt and do it some summer. I have used Trader Joe’s fresh dough many times and I’ll write a review on that in the future, but in short, I like them and they make great pizzas, but there are some tricks to working with their fresh dough. 

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