Green Fin 2010 California Red Table Wine from Trader Joe’s


To follow on the heels of the Green Fin 2010 White Wine, we bought both on a lark and tasted the Red Wine the next night. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m very knowledgeable about wine and am used to drinking lots of higher priced stuff (As they say I’m ITB). We were kind of shocked at how drinkable the white Green Fin was and have bought a couple of extra bottles to have as a week night drink.

Having tasted thousands of wines over the years, I have found over the years that lower priced whites do better in general than low priced red in the QPR (Quality Price Ratio). It’s much harder to manipulate the flavors in red wines and it shows in this Green Fin Red Table wine. The 2010 Green Fin red wine is simply, simple. That’s it. There isn’t much there. It vaguely tastes like red wine. Very soft and sweet. Light colored and low alcohol. It’s just too sweet for my tastes and I like bone dry red wines. No varietal flavors, and not that I would expect any at this price point. I didn’t have any expectations about this wine being as good as it’s white brethren and it live up to my expectations! About the only think going for it is that it’s made from Organic grapes

I don’t think I would ever by this wine again and I score it 4 Bells. (I would give it a Parker score of about 60)


  1. I didn't think it was all that bad. Definitely better than other $4 wines I've tried. (the White Green Fin isn't for sale where I live.)

  2. I only drink white wines, mostly Rieslings. My husband brought this home to try & I really liked it. Sweet and simple. You can't beat the price either…$3.99!

  3. The Green Fin RedTable wine is awesome, a combination of grapes, organic, slight sweet taste, but not overly sweet. I could not believe the price! For an everyday wine this is a standout. Actually my white wine drinking friends love this red! Trader Joe’s is sold out by my house, that must say something!

    • Long quest of searching for our favorite. This is it! Don’t like harsh, dry, bitter. It is mild and smooth. The taste tops it all, add in Trader Joe’s, great price and organic……win win for wine! (Green Fin red table wine; also use white, especially for cooking)

  4. My fave wine at TJ’s. I buy this by the case. Lots of fruity flavors. Amazing wine for an amazing price. I introduced my friends to this wine and they are hooked too.

  5. I’ve been a organic red wine drinker for 30 years, back in the day they were rare..The Green Fin organic red table wine is a nice vino for us poor italian men who’s money ran out so the kids did too, leaving me alone with my mandolin and this excellent wine…my relative was wine taster, Maynard Amerine who would not have approved..oh well he’s dead and i’m still kicking…

  6. It’s good and price is excellent. My friend opened a bottle of white the other night and the last glass had a florescent red cockroach in it. She took a picture of it to Trader Joe’s but they said no pesticides are used in the wine and weren’t that surprised. They didn’t offer her another bottle of something else.

    • I’m not associated with Trader Joe’s in any way, but they will take back any product you bring them for any reason.

      I’ve opened thousands of bottles of wine in my life and that the first I’ve every heard of that. It is possible somewhere a bug crawled into a bottle before the wine got in there, but yuck!

  7. I love this wine! It’s simple, yes but not too sweet. It’s smooth beyond belief and has a wonderful berry taste. I’ve tasted reds that were over $100/bottle and this stands up nicely to them. Ah… and it’s organic! Big bonus!!! To me, this is a fantastic wine. Way t go TJs!

  8. True that it isn’t super alcoholic, but the lack of sulphur makes it taste like the lovely Spanish and French “green” wines that we farm workers were given when the grapes were all picked and crushed half a century ago!. If the TJ’s here gets it again, I will buy multiple cases…..

    • Lack of sulfur?!?!? I’m sure this wine has just as much sulfur as any other red wine. Being Organic (with a big O) doesn’t preclude you from adding sulfites. Sulfur is allowed to be sprayed on Organic grapes and again used as sulfites in the winery. The “green” wines were the cheap crap they gave the workers because it was cheaper than water and refreshing and low alcohol.

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