Salmon and Vegetable Croquettes

Salmon and Vegetable Croquettes
Salmon and Vegetable Croquettes

Trader Joe’s Salmon and Vegetable Croquettes. As I’ve mentioned many times here, I am from Seattle. We eat a lot of Salmon. Especially when the salmon is running in Alaska and Canada in early summer time. We gorge ourselves on it every year and we can’t get enough. We mainly eat sockeye salmon because it’s a nice balance between the super expensive price on King salmon and flavor. It has a lot more flavor than King but not nearly the fat content. The Sockeye are generally smaller fish but have a nice deep red color and flavor to match. 90% of the time we grill it on cedar planks but sometimes we make salmon patties with leftovers. So healthy for you and by the end of the season it’s so cheap they are basically giving it away at prices cheaper than boneless chicken breasts.

During the holidays last month we were stocking up on things and my wife saw this in the freezer section. What could be better than Salmon, edamame, kale and broccoli?!?! Probably the healthiest thing you’ll eat all year. So, we grabbed a box and made it for lunch that day.

Trader Joe's Salmon Croquettes

It’s pretty simple to make, just saute the patties in a pan until they are a little browned and cooked through. We served it with a little sour cream and we really liked the flavor UNTIL… my wife looks at the ingredients list!

Did I say we are salmon snobs? The first ingredient is Atlantic Salmon. Atlantic Salmon = Farm Raised Salmon. Seriously, you should only eat wild caught Pacific salmon. Farm raised salmon is the worst stuff. I don’t care what the salmon farming industry tells you. Do you know they have to put pink dye in the feed so it turns the fish pinkish to simulate real wild salmon color? On top of that, this is a product of Thailand? Are they raising the salmon in Thailand? This is a complete turnoff and although it tasted great, there was two major strikes against this product. Farm raised salmon and product of Thailand.

I was going to rate Trader Joe’s Salmon and Vegetable Croquettes like 8 Bells but seeing it’s got Atlantic Salmon and it’s a Product of Thailand, I’m  giving it 4 bells… steer clear of this!


  1. It’s “Product of Thailand” because the last step of the manufacturing process (i.e. assembling and cooking) was done in Thailand, doesn’t mean Thailand grows the salmon.

  2. I love these and so do all my friends. Traders tonight advised they have been discontinued, really upset they were delicious.

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