Trader Joe’s Beet and Purple Carrot Juice

If  you are new to Trader Joe’s you might be unaware that they have some of the best juices in groceries stores right now. They try all kinds of wacky stuff and some of it works and some of it doesn’t. Today I’m trying the Trader Joe’s Beet and Purple Carrot juice blend. I decided to try a juice I would never try, but looked really super healthy for you. The main juice I drink every day it the is the Very Green Juice Blend (which I think is a good 9 bells!) and I really think is just repackaged Naked Green Machine juice. The bottles are the same shape and everything, but a few dollars less a bottle!

Anyway, we are here to talk Beets and Carrots. Not just and carrots but PURPLE carrots if the beets weren’t dark enough for you. At first this might sound pretty disgusting, but when you really think about it there is something called Sugar Beets and I remember driving around Europe seeing vast fields of sugar beet farms from when they obvious derive sugar from. So, then carrots can be pretty sweet too and if you combined the both of them you might have something that was pretty sweet and purple!

I checked out the ingredients list and there are four ingredients, filtered water, beet juice, purple carrot juice and lemon juice (all from concentrate). You are probably wondering what the lemon juice is doing in there, but you probably really need it to balance out the super sweet beet and carrot juice. Without it the juice would probably be like syrup.

Clearly this juice isn’t filtered because there is a ton of sediment on the bottom of the bottle which you can probably see in the top photograph. The juice is a dense dark red with a purple tinge to it. When I poured it in my glass I thought it looked like blood pouring into my glass. In fact, I spilled a few drops on the counter and I swear if you need to make some fake blood, this is the stuff!

Tasting it was rather interesting because it is as advertised, beets and carrots but not in a fresh way it tasted more like cooked beets and carrots. The beet and carrot flavors are clearly there and they make an interesting combination. I think if you used fresh beets and carrot and got out the Juicemaster and made your own, this could be very interesting but this falls a little flat. Not really for me, but others make like it. So if you aren’t going to use it for drinking straight out of the bottle I started thinking about other uses this unique combination would be useful for and right away I thought of dying things like Easter eggs, making fake blood. Maybe you could use it in a mixed drink like a bloody mary but with this juice instead! Anyway, I’ll probably not buy it again. It was interesting to try!

I’m going to rate this Trader Joe’s Beet and Purple Carrot Juice 6 bells!


  1. Hey, just found your blog, loving the reviews! You might just be on to something with your green machine theory… *wink* However, as you've no doubt noticed, the smoothies are no more =[ For reasons not yet clear, the "former manufacturer" has stopped making them for us…

    • They are no longer selling the “beet and purple carrot juice” I am absolutely devastated! Not only was it SO healthy and yummy to drink plain. It also made an amazing salad dressing and marinade. I have no idea where to get this kind of juice. Please Please Please bring it back TJ’s. Please???

      • I am also so upset that they stopped selling this juice. I loved it chilled and it was so refreshing and healthy. Now I have to find another place to get beet and purple carrot juice at.

        • I have not had any success in finding THE BEET/CARROT JUICE any place. I truly loved it and it did wonders for my cholesterol level. I’ve even called to see if TRADER JOE’S would have knowledge of another distributor for this product. If anyone finds any of this juice. Please notify our E-mails. —Thanks Annie Jo Norton

  2. I love this stuff. Beet juice is supposed to be really really good for high blood pressure, and this is a delicious way to consume beets (which I’m not crazy about in most recipes). Unfortunately, I’ve heard they’ve discontinued this item. No, no, no! Bring it back!

  3. I went to Trader Joes today just to purchase the beet juice and found none on the shelve. I was a very unhappy customer when i asked if they had anymore and I was told it had been discontinued since January 15th. Here is a product that was doing wonders for keeping high blood pressure at bay for me and also help my blood circulation. Guess I’ll have to juice my beets again which is time consuming. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas Bring back the beet juice!!!!!

  4. I,to, went to Trader Joes to by the beet juice and was told it had been discontinued. I was disapointed. I had been drinking for three months and it had helped to lower my colesterol by 100 points. My blood pressure was lowered also. Please bring it back. All purple veggies and juices help to do the above. Purple potatoes and cabbage, purple grapes. Iknow you are a health – concious company and this product is so heathy for anyone with health issues such as mine. The store closest to me is in Cary, N.C. I live in Fayetteville, N.C and have been begging for you to open a store in our town. Please consider opening one here. Thank You for your consideration to a(sold out customer for Trader Joes!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry about the beet/carrot juice. I say right in the FAQ not to get too attached to a product at TJs unless it’s milk or eggs or bananas, they have a penchant for rotating products in and out. (BTW, this blog is not affiliated in anyway with Trader Joe’s, we just review their products)

  5. I love this juice too and you can’t find anything comparable anywhere to make up for them pulling it off market. I just emailed TJ’s to beg them to bring it back. They said if enough people voiced that they wanted it back, sometimes they consider it. I hope everyone who loves this juice will contact TJ’s and let them know. Hopefully, they’ll get it back on the shelves for us. I wish I had a glass right now!

    • I sure would like for Trader Joe’s to restore the beet/carrot juice, It is not only good, it is good for your health. Any purple fruits and vegetables help to lower your blood pressure and cholestrol. This has been proven by me and some of my friends. Try it you will see. TRADER JOE’S PLEASE RECONSIDER CONTINUING TO STOCK THE BEET/CARROT JUICE——–THANKS

  6. Dear Friends – At Trader Joe’s – again I am pleading with you to PLEASE BRING back the beet/carrot juice. I have been looking for it every time I go to your store. It is so healthy for all who used it. Thank you.

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