Trader Joe’s Breakfast Scramble

I’m a big breakfast eater! I’ve found over the years that I need to get a big breakfast and a medium sized lunch or I will simply not have enough energy to make it until dinner and if I don’t eat enough for breakfast I get really hungry for lunch and then pig out and fall asleep at my desk with a full tummy! I wasn’t always this way. Growing up I ate a tone of Capt. Crunch and Cheerios with pounds of sugar on top as I got older I think I got more in tune with my body and realized that food never really filled me up. One of the first things I learned to cook for myself at around 10 years old was scrambled eggs. I started eating more eggs and toast and later bacon. So to this day, I eat mainly eggs, bacon, yogurt and toast for breakfast. I need my protein in the morning!

I’ve had this Breakfast Scramble several times and the first time I had it I was really impressed. That was several months ago. I recently bought two of them for the holidays so we would have something decent to eat in the morning without a lot of fuss. I guess my memories were a little clouded over or they changed the recipe on this. Basically what you have here is scrambled eggs, onions, potatoes and some herbs all mixed together in a “scramble” of sorts!

On the surface, it seems like a good idea. I’ve always had a problem with eggs that have been cooked, frozen and then microwaved. They are never as good as fresh. The only way to prepare this dish is to stick it in the microwave. I followed the instructions and lifted one corner and stuck it in the microwave. To be honest, it smelled wonderful when it came out. I could really smell the herbs wafting out of my lifted corner. I stirred up the contents of the plastic box and then put it on a plate. It looked pretty appetizing! Now the proof is eating this stuff and I took a bite of the eggs. Flavors were ok, but the eggs had a consistency of reconstituted foam. The potatoes were also well favored, and I’m nitpicking here, as I would have liked to see them a little browned. The onions, again had good flavor, but were undercooked! I would’ve expected that the potatoes and onions to be well browned and the onions (on two occasions) were more raw than cooked. Also, everything was way too oily. They could cut back the oil by at least half and it would still be enough.

Also, what’s up with that Fleur-de-lis proudly proclaiming “Product of France” and then not putting the Trader Jacques name on it? I just watch 60 Minutes (early January 2012) about how much truffles have gone to the mob and a whole bunch of shady characters running the truffle selling business. One thing they brought up is that you can put “Product of France” on the box as long as it was packaged in France, but the ingredients and in this case truffles, came from China. Grown in China and packaged in France. I’m not saying this is the case here, but it makes you wonder sometimes!

I’m not sure I would buy these again. It was oily. The onions were undercooked. The eggs had a weird foam-like texture. But they got the seasonings right.

I’m going to give this Trader Joe’s Breakfast Scramble 6 bells!

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