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Trader Joe’s Cheddar Cheese with Bacon

Bacon CheddarTrader Joe’s Cheddar Cheese with Bacon. I thought I died and went to heaven when I tried this! Who in the world thought up this product? Two of my favorite things in the world, Cheddar Cheese and Bacon in one! I don’t know how long this evil concoction has laying in wait in the cheese section, but it wasn’t until last week I stumbled on this. I was picking up some regular cheddar cheese and spent some time looking around the cheese section. (I see they still have that chocolate and cheddar cheese that I reviewed and hated)

Bacon Cheddar SideI’ve always loved to make little egg, cheese and bacon sandwiches for breakfast (ala McDonalds). My kids love them and probably not the healthiest breakfast, it is loaded with protein and a good way fill their stomachs in the morning. I especially love Trader Joe’s Uncured Applewood smoked bacon for this purpose. Seeing that I don’t have enough bacon in my life, when I slapped a wedge of this cheese on my egg sandwich, it really kicked it into another dimension!

This cheese is a mild cheddar that is wrapped in a black wax shell. As you can see in the picture there are little bits of bacon all throughout the cheese. The cheese is infused with that smokey, bacon flavor. The cheese itself is more like a Gouda than a hard cheddar. It really melts in your mouth! Speaking of melting, this cheese is great for grilled cheese sandwiches and as I mention before, the egg sandwiches I make for breakfast. There isn’t much more to say here! It’s almost perfection. Just like my previous review of the new Speculoos Cookie butter with Chocolate. Sometime two things combined like this make it better! The only downside to this cheese is that it is a little difficult to cut and it really sticks to your knife when you cut it.

OK, Trader Joe’s is on a roll with this and while not perfect, it is pretty darn tasty. I am going to rate this Trader Joe’s Bacon Cheddar 9 Bells!

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