Trader Joe’s Chicken and Cranberry Recipe Bites Dog Treats

Trader Joe's chicken and cranberry recipe bites
Trader Joe’s chicken and cranberry recipe bites

This is my first review of a dog treat on Club Trader Joe’s. I have had dogs for many years and been a loyal Trader Joe’s dog treat buyer. I occasionally buy the dog food but there are better options at the pet stores but sometimes I don’t want to make a special stop and buy the smaller bag of food. Just like the meat selection. Dog food takes up a lot of space. They used to have 3-4 different big bags of dog food, but now it’s just one Trader Joe’s branded and another that isn’t Trader Joe’s. My dogs will mostly eat anything I put in front of them, well one of them will.

Bailey looking at treats
Bailey looking at treats


I have two labradoodles. Actually, I have a highly bred labradoodle, named May, that we got from a breed for $$$$ and a free dog I got from a friend that was trying to place this dog somewhere when his mother was moving to a small apartment. He name is Bailey and I call her a poodledoodle because she is 1/2 poodle and 1/2 labradoodle. So, she is more poodle but she is what I call my real dog. May the labradoodle can be finicky and picky about her food sometimes. Bailey will eat anything.

I’m always looking out of interesting treats to give them when I saw these seasonal treats in the dog section and picked them thinking they would be the ultimate test in finicky eating because they have Cranberries in them. That should throw my dogs for a loop! I got home and as always the dogs are jumping around me happy to see me walk in the door. Especially with bags of food. Little did they know I had some special treats for the. Actually, Trader Joe’s calls these “bites” and I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a play on words or what. Dog Bites? Yuck, yuck!

So I called the dogs to the deck (better light out there) and told them to sit while I give them a treat. You never know. I’ve had both dogs immediately spit out treats and just look at them. I was expecting as much with these and their funky purple color. First I gave one to Bailey, she is a sure bet most of the time and sure enough, chomp! I could hear her crunching away on it as she ran to her favorite bed (I don’t know why dogs do that). They are pretty hard! So if your dog has bad teeth, I might not give them to them. Next up May and off like a flash she grabbed it and literally wolfed it down.

The only negative to these when you look at the ingredients is that they put Sugar in them. Dogs don’t need sugar. Not sure why they did that.

So, I think these are a great hit with my dogs! It’s a good thing because there are quite a few of these treats in a bag.






  1. They just discontinued this product!!!!!! My senior dog loves these because they have a good odor & his sniffer is starting to go. Please, everyone, let TJs know we want them back!

    • These treats broke a my dog’s tooth.. Tooth had to be extracted by Vet. Dog was bleeding that night and would not stop. Ended up at ER for several days and $5000 bill from there alone!

      • A friend of mine bought a bag of peanuts from Trader Joe’s a couple of years ago. A little rock was in the bag, it can happen, and he broke a tooth and need emergency dental work. He contacted Trader Joe’s corporate and they agreed to pay the bill for his dental work. I’m not sure it would work for you, but it can’t hurt!

  2. Both our dogs love these treats and will steal them from each other if one drops the treat. DRRRR, why discontinue what works? BTW, we were getting these treats long before the holidays

    • I don’t know why they were showing up so far ahead of the holidays, but clearly a holiday themed treat which I knew was probably going to go away after. As I tell everyone, if there is something you see that might be discontinued, buy armloads of them!

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