Trader Joe’s Chicken in Red Curry Sauce

TraderJoesChickenRedCurry1Chicken in Red Curry Sauce. As I’ve mentioned many times over the past couple of years here at Club Trader Joe’s, I have a jones for Asian food and one of my favorite styles of Asian food is Thai food. I lived in Thailand as a kid and that stuck with me for my entire life. We were eating Thai food way back when nobody else, except Thais, were eating it. We loved our hot sauce and curry and really liked to crank things up in the heat department. I could eat Thai food three meals a day, 365 days a year!

I was poking around in the refridgerated section a couple of weeks ago and among the spaghetti and meatballs and chicken dishes, I saw this new product. Trader Joe’s Chicken in Red Curry Sauce and I quickly grabbed a box of it.

Basically what you get in the box is a pouch of chicken and red curry sauce that simply needs to be heated up and served. It weighs in at 16oz, which is a lot for one person and probably not enough for two people. They recommend serving it on rice, I recommend using the Thai Jasmine rice that Trader’s carries. I also tried it on the rice medely that comes in the frozen section and takes about 3 minutes to microwave.

The curry comes in a heatable plastic bag. There are two ways to prepare this Red Curry. You can poke a few holes in the bag and put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Take out the really hot bag and have sauce dribble out of the holes while you try to pour steaming hot curry sauce over your rice. OR you can just cut the bag open and put it in a put and bring to a boil. I HIGHLY recommend the 2nd way of preparation!

TraderJoesChickenRedCurry2Trader Joe’s on their website recommends adding some some veggies, carrots, peas, bell peppers, whatever. I would do that when you boil it in the pot. There is more than enough curry sauce to go around. I didn’t do this and I threw away a lot of sauce.

So, how did it taste? Pretty darn good! I like it better than the stuff that comes in the jar that Trader Joe’s sells. Much more vibrant and fresh flavors. The chicken wasn’t over done or rubbery or anything. I was tender and well cooked. I would definitely add some vegetables to round it out next time. Maybe some basil to liven it up a bit. I would definitely buy this again for a quick weeknight meal! I am giving Trader Joe’s Chicken in Red Curry sauce 8 Bells!

This might be out of the stores already, check here

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