Trader Joe’s Crescent Rolls Review

Trader Joe's Crescent Rolls
Trader Joe’s Crescent Rolls

Trader Joe’s Crescent rolls! Pillsbury Crescent rolls! Separated at birth? If these are the same damn thing, shoot me! I vaguely remember these growing up. We didn’t have them often, but I liked them as a kid. As an adult, they are a weak imitation of a real Croissant. But there is something to be said about having freshly baked rolls on the dinner table or for breakfast! These would be great on the table for Thanksgiving or any holiday meal.

Trader Joe’s Crescent Rolls Rolled

I don’t know who came up with the idea of rolling up some dough and putting it in a tube in the fridge section with a shelf life of several weeks, but it is pure genius! Now we can have fresh dough anytime and we don’t have to go through all the trouble of mixing, kneading, and letting it rise ourselves. Unfortunately, the store-bought results are never as good as real homemade dough but are better than buying it off the shelf at the store. Plus when they are warm from the oven, there is nothing better than warm bread.

My family was never one that had a lot of warm rolls for dinner. I put these out for the kids for dinner the other night and they gobbled them down like they were the last thing on earth! So, two big thumbs up from my two sons. There is something about eating warm bread straight from the oven smothered in butter, even if they are real croissants, they aren’t that bad.

Trader Joe’s Crescent Rolls Baked

These are a little trickier to make than your average Trader Joe’s product. These are stored in the fridge section. In my local stores, they are next to the eggs which is usually in a separate fridge from the milk and prepared foods. You can keep the “tube” in the fridge for a couple of weeks before you have to use it. Then when you are ready warm up the oven. You have to pull the out paper wrapper with the pretty picture of the rolls out of the inner cardboard tube. Then you can unwrap the inner tube and the dough comes out wrapped up on itself.

In the picture above I show what it looks like unrolled. You have to separate the triangles and then roll them up into tight little rolls into a crescent shape. Put them directly on the backing sheet and stick them in the oven until they are done.

They sure looked nice when they came out and they had the nice toasty, fresh baked bread smell. In fact the kitchen smelled really good when these were baking.

This is just the start too. If you go to the Pillsbury website I linked above, you can see all types of things you can do with the faux croissants. Pig in a blanket, mini pizzas, you name it. Most of them are pretty kid friendly too.

Final Verdict

You know this isn’t one of those things I would ever buy on a regular basis, but I will try to keep them in mind for things to make for the kids or maybe if we have a large crowd over for dinner. They were just OK for me, but having warm bread to put butter on is always a treat.

I’m going to rate these 7 Bells!





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