Trader Joe’s Farfalle with 4 Cheeses and Spinach


Trader Joe's Farfelle
Trader Joe’s Farfelle

Trader’s has a trio of these frozen pasta dishes that came out within the past year. I loves my cheese and four cheeses sounds even better! I first tried these when they first came out and my wife and I loved them for lunch and bought a ton of them. This seemed to be our favorite of the trio and ate a lot of it. Then as things go at Trader’s it mysteriously disappeared and we were pissed. It was one of those items that they seem to get right and why not keep it in the lineup for more than a couple of months?

Then as mysteriously as it disappeared, it reappeared but in a different form factor. The old boxes were taller and fatter, but I think they had the same capacity. The new boxes are flatter and wider. I’ll take either and the pasta from the new boxes tasted exactly the same so no difference to me except the new boxes stacked better in the freezer.

Preparation is simple, just lift the corner of the package and put it in the microwave for a few minutes. I really love this one. Although, it’s not enough for me as a whole meal (I’m pretty hungry all the time!) maybe with some bread or a salad it would be enough. There is plenty of nice cheese and the spinach is really tasty. It makes a nice vegetarian meal if you are so inclined. These are perfect for taking to work for lunch and popping in the microwave. No fuss, no muss. Quick easy food that is high quality, which is what a lot of what Trader Joe’s is all about!

I have bought these several times and will continue to buy them as long as they stay on the shelf. I’m going to rate this a 7 bells. Good but not exceptional!

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  1. Is it really vegetarian? I can’t seem to find any information other than it uses rennet in the cheeses, which is made from cow’s stomach.

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