Trader Joe’s Garden Vegetable Lasagne

Trader Joe's Garden Vegetable LasagneTrader Joe’s (Giotto’s) Garden Vegetable Lasagne. I’m a comfort food guy. Just make mine with meat please! Actually this vegetarian lasagne isn’t half bad! This has been a staple at Trader Joe’s for many years. It’s any wonder why? I don’t think any self respecting guy would show up to work with a garden vegetarian lasagne in the lunch room with all the other guys. This product is clearly aimed at women that are either at home by themselves or at work eating a lunch at their desk. Sorry but that’s the truth!

garden vegetable lasagneOK, honestly, it’s not that bad and it’s pretty darn quick to make. Maybe back in my bachelor days I might’ve considered buying it, but I would hide it in the back of my freezer hoping my beer guzzling buddies didn’t see it behind the frozen hamburgers. In reality, this vegetarian lasagne ins’t half bad. I just popped it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and had a piping hot serving of lasagne. (BTW, do you spell it lasagna or lasagne? Spell check is telling me lasagna, but Trader Joe’s is spelling it lasagne with an “e” at the end) I thought the sauce wasn’t half bad, not too sweet and had a good amount of flavor. The actual lasagne was pretty good too. Lots of ricotta cheese filling. Not sure where the garden vegetable thing comes in. It says on the front, “Made with Organic Vegetables” but to be honest there aren’t much there. Which actually is a good thing, because Lasagne is about cheese, noodles and sauce (and some cases meat). Oh wait, now that I look at it closer, I can see about 10 tiny chopped carrots on to. Oh boy!

I think this Trader Joe’s Garden Vegetable Lasagne meets several basic needs. It’s quick. It’s got decent flavor and it’s filling. I might just buy a couple more and hide them in the freezer for those times when I don’t have any time to nuke something for lunch. I am going to have Trader Joe’s Garden Vegetable Lasagne a solid 7 Bells!

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