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Trader Joe’s Happy Trekking Trail Mix

Trader Joe's Happy Trekking MixTrader Joe’s Happy Trekking Trail Mix

One of the things that Trader Joe’s is well known for is their nuts and trail mixes. They have a bewildering array and even I can’t keep up with them all. Lightly Salted? No salt? With chocolate? Dark Chocolate? Milk Chocolate? Gluten Free? There are so many choices it can make you mad! I like to eat a lot of nuts, especially peanuts (I know, they are not a nut!). They are a great snack and good for you and fill you up. What else is there?

I’ve been through a lot of the trail mixes that Trader Joe’s carries looking for a good healthy snack to tuck into my desk draw at work or on a hike here in the Cascade mountains. I have been looking for the right combination of nuts, dried fruit and a little bit of chocolate. I think I have found the best mix for me! It’s called Trader Joe’s Happy Trekking Trail Mix. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many different mixes I’m sure we all have our favorites. I really like the Powerberry one too. The one thing I like is that they don’t fill these mixes up with peanuts or peanut oil. Not that I don’t have anything against peanuts, sometimes I just don’t want peanut flavoring on my mixed nuts!

Trader Joe's Happy Trekking mixTrader Joe’s Happy Trekking Trail mix is a combination of Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Milk Chocolate, dried Cranberries and Dried Cherries. I think it has just the right amount of that blend of salt and sweet. The chocolate isn’t too sweet. The dried fruits aren’t all that sweet either. I love the combination of Almonds, Pistachios and Cashews. A serving is only a 1/4 cup and has 160 calories, so don’t sit down and eat a bag in one sitting, you will get fat!

We do a fair amount of hiking here in the Seattle area and this would make a great bag of trail mix! I plan on hiking soon and will definitely bring this along for me and the kids. I also keep a bag in my desk at work for those 3pm munchies I always seem to get!

I am going to rate Trader Joe’s Happy Trekking mix a solid 8 Bells!

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