Trader Joe’s Just Beets

Just Beets?

Trader Joe’s Just Beets. Just Beets it! Just Beets It! I have the Michael Jackson song running through my head just looking at these. Or maybe Weird Al’s spoof on the song, I don’t know… I love beets just like anyone who loves their vegetables. We like to roast them or pressure cook them and then slice them or dice them and serve them on a salad or with olive oil and cheese. You won’t be doing that with these!

OK, these are basically dehydrated beets in a bag. Kind of like Astronaut Ice Cream but without all the sugar. Actually, the dehydrated beets are actually kind of sweet. Sugar beets are still the primary source of sugar in many northern European countries, so they can get quite sweet. But I digress… These beets are more like potato chips than anything else. In fact, if you have had sweet potato chips then you are kind of in the right ballpark, except these beets have been freeze dried and not deep fried.

These are deep red and very crunchy. I kind wish they had put salt on them to balance out the sweetness a bit. They have a nice crunch and taste just like beets do.

OK, the big question is what in the hell do you do with them? I suppose you could eat them like potato chips or dip them in some kind of dip or even hummus or something like that. But at $3 for a 1.3 ounce bag, that is a very expensive snack! Actually, other than eating them like chips or maybe crumbling them on a salad, I found no useful ideas on how to eat this weird but nutritious product. If they are going to be chips, then some salt or even olive oil would be great!

While these Just Beets sound great, but they are expensive and really limited in their usefullness. So, I’m going to rate these 5 Bells just based on their nutritious value alone and I would just skip these beets, yuk yuk!

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