Trader Joe’s Ketchup Flavored Spud Crunchies

Trader Joe’s Ketchup flavored spud crunchies

I never reviewed the original Trader Joe’s spud crunchies because I thought they were a decent, but not stand out product. My kids tried a bag and went “meh” and I tried a few and thought they were good enough, but not as good as a good potato chip, so why bother? I was at the local Trader Joe’s and noticed these sitting there. I don’t remember seeing them on the shelf or I passed by them so many times, I just never noticed them. I figured they showed up recently because I am always in the snack section with ravenous teenagers. One of them picked the out (sorry for the crummy picture of the bag, the kids ripped it open before I could get a good shot).

ketcup spud crunchies

We got home and and man/child number #1 decided to tear into the bag before I could shoot the bag with my camera. Started shoveling the spud crunchies into his yap at a fast clip like a hangry dog mumbling something about how good these were and before I knew it the bag was about 80% empty and I snatched it away from #1 before #2 could finish it off. I trotted over to my favorite natural light area to take a snap of the spud crunchies and try a few before they pack of wild teenagers descended on me looking for more calories.

I dumped the bag onto a white plate and took a quick snap and then threw a couple of them into my mouth to taste. I immediately tasted the ketchup and then bit into them and they had an excellent crunch (which is why they are called “crunchies”! Ha Ha). But what struck me the most was how much they tasted like french fries that had been dipped in some ketchup. I kept shoveling them in my mouth until they were all gone. I felt like one of my teenagers! Holy cow, I never expected something like this to be so addictive. I couldn’t stop eating them. I would gladly put these on my plate next to a sandwich or burger. Not quite as good as a high quality french fry but better than most frozen french fries and they are pre loaded with ketchup!

After this little episode, we will being these frequently into our pantry and I’ll probably have to buy multiple bags of them at a time just to satisfy my ravenous teenage boys.


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