Trader Joe’s Sai Tung Green Curry and Red Gaba Rice

Trader Joe's Sai Tung Green CurryTrader Joe’s Sai Tung Green Curry and Red Gaba Rice with Morning Glory, Young Coconut Shoots, Banana Flowers with Sprouted Rice. Holy Cow! I feel like I’m at some super upscale Thai restaurant. I’m a pretty adventurous eater and even I don’t think I’ve ever had  Red Gaba Rice, Morning Glory and Banana Flowers. Trader Joe’s has knocked it out of the park again in the Thai food section. I don’t where they source these Thai dishes (this one is from Thailand) but they are doing a killer job.

First off let me say that this is a Vegan dish. I am not a vegan, but if this is all I had to eat, I would be a happy vegan. There are so many wonderful Thai and Indian vegan dishes at Trader Joe’s it wouldn’t be too hard to eat this way all the time. (I do love my cheese and bacon though…) This is in the frozen section in the Asian foods. Sai Tung I think is a made up name by Trader Joe’s because when I type it into Google I only get one hit from the Trader Joe’s website and then a bunch of Mao Tse Tung hits! Trader Joe’s claims that in Thai Sai Tung means Take Out, I don’t doubt them but it doesn’t look like it’s applied to any food in particular.

Sai Tung curryThis is basically a microwave dish. The tray has to containers in it and you do the “pierce the plastic” a couple of times for the rice side and curry side. Microwave for a few minutes. I think I have a crappy microwave because it took a couple more minutes than they suggested to get it really hot. Then the hard part. Scooping out the rice while trying not to spill the hot curry, but I managed to put the rice in the bowl, then the curry without too much mess. As you can see from my photo, what you see on the package is what you get in real life which isn’t always the case.

I thought the curry had the right amount of heat and coconut milk. I like spicy heat in my food, but I don’t want it so hot I can’t enjoy it. I liked the texture of the red rice. The term Gaba is an acronym for Organically Germinated Red Jasimine rice and it’s a winner! It’s hard to tell what is the banana flowers and coconut shoots and morning glory but it all comes together in Thai Yumminess! I don’t think you can split this with someone unless you have another dish to split. It wasn’t so much that I got stuffed. It was just the right amount of food for lunch for me. OTOH, I don’t think my wife could eat the whole thing.

Having said all that, I rejoice that Trader Joe’s has another winner in the Vegan food category. I really enjoyed this dish and will be gladly buying more of them to stuff in the freezer! I am going to rate this Trader Joe’s Sai Tung Green Curry and Red Gaba Rice 9 Bells!


  1. I agree; this totally rocks. Great green curry. Split across two people, great little centerpiece for a quick tasty dinner.

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