Trader Joe’s Simpler White Wine

Trader Joe's Simpler White Wine
Trader Joe’s Simpler White Wine

I spent many years in the wine industry, following my passion to make wine for a living. I had been in IT for many years and wanted a change and was really, really getting deep into wine and the wine business. I’m back in IT again. There wasn’t any money in the wine business unless you already had a big pile of money. One of the reasons I got out is wines like this. As a small producer you can never compete with these big corporate giants that can make wine for about $2 a bottle. ($1 a can here).

These have been on the market for a while, but I was interested in seeing how they stacked up to the rest of the Trader Joe’s wines I’ve tasted. One thing I did learn in my time in the wine business is that the wine is sometimes the cheapest thing in the total packaging and I think that they make so much of this stuff in Italy, that it’s probably just pennies worth of wine in each can. The can and box it came in cost more than the damn wine. I really like the style of the packaging. Simple, clean and easy. Which is exactly what Trader Joe’s is going for. Just like their Simpler Times beer (which isn’t all that great, just cheap swill), they are appealing to your fun side and not complicating it will too much.

So, for around $4 (depending on taxes in your state), you get 4 cans of wine. Canned wine has really taken off in recent years. Ranging for the really crappy to some good wines. Most of the wine falls down into the mediocre category. Something you just want to drink and not think too much about. Great to stick in your backpack and take out at the end of a hot hike. These are perfect for that. Lightweight, small quantity.

So, what does this wine taste like? Well, it’s just OK. It is light, about 10% alcohol which is definitely on the low end of the spectrum for wine. It’s nice and fizzy and refreshing. Little to non grape flavor. Slightly off dry. Since this was made in Italy, it’s very much like a cheap Prosecco. If you are looking for cheap entertainment of a picnic or large backyard party in the middle of the summer, this might be for you. I’ll pass though, it just not interesting enough and life is too short to drink crappy wine.

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