Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie & Cocoa Swirl


Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie & Cocoa Swirl. I knew something would drag me out of my semi-retirement from writing about Trader Joe’s products and this is it! Every October like clockwork, Trader Joe’s starts to release a ton of new products. For good reason, this is their busiest time of the year and based on my web traffic, mine too. I could spend a whole year reviewing  pumpkin flavored that and candy cane infused this because they release so many products.

I was expecting more products from Trader Joe’s with Speculoos from them, and I don’t think we are done yet. I really expected more products to have Speculoos in them like ice cream, or cakes, or brownies or something like that but not  a whole new Speculoos product!

Lo and Behold, I was running into Trader’s to pick up a few things for dinner and I see the new Fearless Flyer is out and said to myself, I bet they have some new stuff for me to check out. I went right to the shelf that has the new items and there it was! Holy cow! I thought…

_MG_3278I raced home and tore open my jar and stuck a spoon in it and tasted it! OK, I have to admit this is my favorite speculoos concoction so far. There is just something that works with the chocolate spread with the speculoos that is better than just the plain speculoos. It’s kind of like Nutella meets Speculoos. Soft creamy spreadable. Just like in the Reese’s Cup commercials (New product idea Trader Joe’s!) you got your chocolate in my peanut butter! Except it’s “you got your speculoos in my chocolate!” But the results are oh so awesome! (How many exclamation points can I put in this post!?!?!?)

Not sure all the implications yet for this product, but I’ll let the Pinterest recipe writers come up with those, for now I just like to spread it on cookies and toast and eat it that way. I’m sure the recipes are boundless! Trader Joe’s has hit another home run with this product and I am giving Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie and Cocoa Swirl a perfect 10 bells! Doesn’t get much better than this!

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