Trader Joe’s Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry and Pecan stuffing


Here is another quickie review. I picked this up at lunch today while shopping for stuff for pizza I’m making tonight. (I’ll rate Trader Joe’s Pizza dough after the holidays). I needed a quick bite, and wanted something with turkey. I’m starting to feel the itch to eat some turkey this close to Thanksgiving! Again, I’m pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Although I love turkey sandwiches, I’m pretty leery about some of the sandwiches Trader Joe’s puts out. Mostly because they are not very fresh. Same with their prepared salads. Sometimes the stuff gets mushy before it gets to the shelf at your store.

I checked this one out. Looking good and not too mushy – so took one home!

Opened it at home and it looked kind of bland. White bread, turkey and stuffing. First bite confirmed my suspicions. This sandwich needed some mustard, salt and pepper! Ok, that was much better! Not sure why they put these sandwiches on white bread, but they are probably trying to emulate a traditional post Thanksgiving sandwich. Once I doctored it up, it tasted much better.  All the flavors were there, however the “stuffing” has a weird texture, almost like ground up stuffing or dog food.  I could taste the cranberries and pecans, but it was like mush. Nevertheless, it wasn’t a really bad sandwich.

I don’t think I would buy it again – but I have to say it was a good effort seeing what they had to work with. Stuffing is really hard to put in a sandwich.

I’m going to rate this sandwich 6 bells!

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