Trader Joe’s Vegan Trail Mix Cookies

If Vegan food is like this all the time, I might become a Vegan sooner than later! Trader Joe’s has done a great job of catering to the vegan diet over the years and always seems to step it up and come out with new and interesting products for Vegans. These cookies have been around for a few years and I’m sure I’ve bought them before for the kids or something, but in the role of blogger extraordinaire I had to give them another shot.

First, I love Trader Joe’s myriad of nuts and trail mixes. Just when my tummy starts to grumble around 10:30, I grab a handful of Trader Joe’s Trail Mix to make it to noon! I like them because there are full of good nuts and just the right amount of chocolate to make it really interesting.

I thought these would make a good replacement for a mid morning snack and I wasn’t disappointed, except the fact there isn’t an chocolate in them. First off they are Vegan, no eggs or butter. The majority of the fat in them comes from Canola oil and peanuts. Basically, these are really soft cookies with raisins and peanuts in them, but they are oh so good!

I would have a hard time baking something without eggs and butter that tasted this good. I like the mix of peanuts and raisins and the raisins keep the cookies moist for a long time. I also don’t have a problem giving these to my kids, except for the fact they didn’t like the taste, but that’s just my crazy, picky kids. I think most kids would jump on the chance to have these.

I really like the richness of these cookies and it’s hard to believe they are Vegan, but any way you slice, these are great cookies! I’m going to rate them 8 bells!


  1. I tasted these Vegan cookies at a friend’s when visiting in New Mexico. Upon returning home I drove an hour to the nearest Trader Joe’s hoping to find these but they did not have them. Not fair! Can I buy them online?

  2. I went to Trader Joel’s today to get my favorite cookie, the trail mix cookie only to find out they are discontinued!!!!! I’m so disappointed. They were my breakfast treat everyday. I loved them because they were so small that I didn’t have to eat a larger cookie and feel guilty. Where can I get them now? Who makes them? maybe I can get some from the distributer?

  3. I think you were misinformed. They sell out fast! However, I was at Trader Joes 3 weeks ago. They had plenty of these amazing cookies. I look for them every time I shop there.

  4. I am sooooo craving TJ’s Vegan Trail Mix Cookies and went to 3 TJ’s stores to hunt them down. Shelves are bare and I found out that they’ve been DISCONTINUED! Oh NO! ? I’m heartbroken. This was my favorite item at TJ’s!!!

    • Sorry to hear that. Trader Joe’s seems to be overhauling a lot of their old products and swapping out new ones. Whole Wheat bagels? Gone! We all know they do this from time to time and it’s part of their business plan, but whole wheat bagels and trail mix cookies???

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