Trader Joe’s Veggie Sausage Patties

I’ll keep this one short and to the point! I’m not a vegetarian, but Becky likes to eat a lot of vegetarian meals. I don’t think she could ever go all the way Vegan because it would mean giving up her half and half in her morning coffee and cheese! Same here, I could probably give up meat maybe, but not eggs and cheese. I know that Trader Joe’s caters to many people of that persuasion and I’ve always been curious about how some of these meatless products are.

If you’ve read a few of my posts you know that I am a huge breakfast person. I like meat in the morning. The more protein the better. It keeps me balanced all day long. Too much sugary crap in the morning and I crash right before lunch. I love breakfast sausage, but I’m always concerned about what’s actually in it. My choice of protein in the morning is eggs (and one of my kids eats a lot of bacon, so I eat a lot of leftover bacon!). One of the few things I eat at McDonald’s is the sausage McMuffin with Egg. I just love that sausage patty in the sandwich.

So, I picked up these faux sausage patties hoping for a good meatless, high  protein thing in the morning to eat. It sure looks like the real deal from the pictures and in person. There were a couple of preparation methods on the back of the box, but I opted for the skillet method. Heat and serve!

I am here to tell you that these patties stuff is nasty. Not quite as bad as that fake cream cheese I reviewed a couple of months ago, but pretty close! When I was frying these up they smelled pretty good and I was hopeful, but as soon as I popped a bite in my mouth I almost spit it out. It’s a combination of the texture and the flavors. I could almost get past the mushy texture, but the combination of flavors that I can’t really describe just put it over the top bad. Maybe it’s just me. I looked around the web to see if there were other people talking about these and generally the consensus is that these are pretty good. I don’t get it. On their own, to my taste buds, they were awful!

I’m going to give these Veggie Sausage Patties 4 bells.

Trader Joe’s Veggie Sausage Patties


  1. I'm a vegetarian and love veggie sausages. These were so disgusting. It tasted what I imagine poison or nasty soap tastes like. Very disappointing.

  2. My husband loves these, and although I don’t personally eat them often I have tried them and I like them. They are the same as the morning star farms. Trust me, the vegan versions are MUCH worse.
    Disclaimer: I haven’t eaten meat for 20+ years….

  3. @Cara – Poison…soap…really? C’mon. If you are going to write a review, please try to write an accurate one. I mean, have you tasted poison or soap? Maybe you have. I just tried them for the first time and they don’t taste like soap. Nor do they taste like I am being poisoned…not that I know what that might taste like. They don’t taste like chemicals or the like.

    They do, however, taste like something that is trying to be healthy but is a little too greasy. If I didn’t know these were veggie, I might guess that they are, having tried many vegetarian ‘meats’. I wanted to add salt because they were a bit bland.

    I do like Morning Star Farms breakfast patties. They are the best breakfast sausages I have tasted.

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