Trader Joe’s A Very Merry Mingle

I’ve just about had it will all this candy and cookies this time of year. I think I’ve gained about 5 lbs taste testing all these goodies! But, you know here at Club Trader Joe’s HQ it’s our job to taste all this stuff!

I spied this in the cookie section (which is very, very large this time of year) and the packaging caught my eye and I thought they were aiming for cookie exchange parties all these women go to this year. These looked good enough on the box that you could if you wanted pull these out of the box and re-package them for your cookie exchange! You would be the envy of all your friends! They really look handmade and just sloppy enough that you could probably pull it off.

Just in case you wanted to know what you were getting into, let me break it down for you.

I think these are new for 2011, I have not seen them before.These cookies are called A Very Merry Mingle, the “a very” is in very small type at the top and I missed it the first couple of times I looked at the box until I started eating them and saw it up there at the top. The box is stylishly designed. When you open the box there are four compartments in a dark brown colored plastic. There are 11oz in the box so more or less there are about 2.75oz in each part.

To be honest, they look like something the dog barfed up, but in reality these things are just great! I’m still confused if these are cookies or just candy. On the box it says they are candy and that makes sense because cookies are generally flour based like shortbread. On the box it says there are cranberries, pecans and caramel all melted together with dark chocolate. You can very clearly see each individual element here. Same when you pop them in your mouth, you can taste each ingredient as distinct parts that all meld together when you start chewing. I love the combination of the four main elements and of course anything dipped in dark chocolate has my vote. I love the stuff. The other good thing about these is the huge antioxidant hit you get from all the dark chocolate and cranberries. I can feel my heart getting healthier by the minute!

Unfortunately, after the holidays I will be swearing off candy and cookies and lose a few pounds, so I doubt I will be buying these again for a few months, except for the fact that they won’t carry these again until next year if ever again. Stock up on them if you really like them! I would have no problem pairing them with the Napa Valley Meritage I just rated.

I really liked these! I would feel no shame putting these out at the holiday party. I’m giving them 8 Bells! (Aesthetics bringing them down a notch)


  1. Hi. I also liked this one so much~!! By the way, I live in Korea, and I would like to buy some of this chocolate. Where can I buy? Any website? I tried to google it; though, no gain.. T.T
    Please, let me know.

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