Trader Joe’s Advent of the Cocktail Hour Chocolate Truffles Review

Trader Joe’s Advent of the Cocktail Hour Chocolate Truffles

I know we are only out about a week from Christmas right now so I thought I would finally review my Trader Joe’s Advent of the Cocktail Hour Chocolate Truffles, as 25 day advent calendar filled with boozy truffles for adults to open every day in the month of December leading up to Christmas day. This is not a new product, it was originally released in 2020 but it seems it was so popular, I couldn’t get my hands on it last year. Somehow I was able to grab on this year, 2021, and have been opening them but decided to skip ahead so I could do the review before Christmas came.

Trader Joe’s Advent of the Cocktail Hour Chocolate Truffles

There are 25 truffles for you to enjoy every day, but only six different truffles. There are several of each of the different flavors, except the Pink Champagne one which is only on the 25th.

The six different flavors are:

  • Liqueur de Cafe
  • Honey Caramel
  • Peach Bellini
  • Eggnog
  • Coffee Martini
  • Pink Champagne

Here is a picture of them from the box.

<insert picture here>

I ate the six different Trader Joe’s Cocktail Hour Advent Calendar Chocolate truffles within a few minutes and didn’t feel the slightest buzzed. Five of them have about 150 calories and if anything I felt a bit of a sugar rush more than anything. I think the alcohol in these is minimal and while I wouldn’t feed them to the kids, if they accidentally got into them, I don’t think they would feel much if anything. For all of these, there is a hard shell and a semi-soft “ganache” in the middle. When you bite into that soft middle, you can taste a bit of the alcohol in there.

Trader Joe’s Advent of the Cocktail Hour Chocolate Truffles

Here are my notes on these:

  • Liqueur de Cafe – I could actually taste the coffee liqueur in this one. Not bad. I like a coffee liqueur.
  • Honey Caramel – This one was also easy to figure out tasting. It really was Honey and Caramel with a booze edge.
  • Peach Bellini – Probably the easiest to figure out eating it. Gives a big pop of peach liqueur when you bite into the middle
  • Eggnog – Just as expected, this has a boozy eggnog center. If eggnog is your thing, you’ll love this.
  • Coffee Martini – Not my favorite. There was an odd taste of gin in here and mixed with coffee it was a little off-putting.
  • Pink Champagne – Probably the biggest letdown. I could barely taste the center on this one. They say Champagne but on the back it says Prosecco. But either way, there was only one and I expected a big finale and it was a letdown.

All in all, these weren’t bad. They are pretty cheap at $6.99. A fun gift for an adult friend. The chocolate is nothing to write home about. If you’ve ever had high quality boozy chocolate, these are a distant 2nd to those.


milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, soy lecithin [emulsifier]), dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin [emulsifier]), white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin [emulsifier], natural flavor), whipping cream, caramel (whipping cream, sugar, glucose syrup, burnt sugar syrup [sugar, water, citric acid [acidifier]]), ruby peach puree (peach puree, sugar), glucose syrup, butter (milk), honey, french brandy, mac de champagne, vodka, invert sugar syrup, glycerol, coffee liqueur, coffee extract, orange liqueur, freeze dried coffee, cocoa butter, prosecco, spice blend (cinnamon, salt, nutmeg), wheat starch, vegetable juice for color, mandarin orange oil, citric acid (acidifier).

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