Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Green Tea


Trader’s is coming out with some wacky artwork this year. Wait until you see the Gingerbread dog biscuits! A polar bear wearing a sweater sitting on an iceberg sipping a cup of decaffeinated green tea! He must not be worried about global warming in his fuzzy green sweater! I thought, I might like this weird concoction! Candy Cane Green Tea!

OK, back to the tea! I love tea. I drink a lot of tea. I’m not really a coffee drinker. Never have been, just one of those weird quirks of nature. My parents, my wife’s parents, my wife, my brother and sister all drink coffee. I love the taste, but I think way back in my early 20’s when I should’ve started drinking coffee like everyone else, I got put off on it by the strong coffee my college roommates made to stay up for studying. Oh well!

I don’t usually drink decaf tea, but my wife wanted to pick this one up because she likes tea in the evening, especially this time of year during the cold months. They must be hitting their target market by making it decaf!

So, I boiled up a pot of water and opened the box and took a deep snort. The inside of the box smells just like candy canes! I put the bag in my cup of hot water (BTW, there is no string on these bags) and let the bag steep for a couple of minutes. Again there was wonderful aromas of candy cane emanating from cup. When I took my first sip, I was a little worried that the candy cane flavors would be too strong, but I was proven wrong. The candy cane was nicely balanced with the cinnamon and vanilla flavors that blended together to form a really smooth cup of tea!

So, on Christmas morning, serve some of this tea with some of the Eggnog Almonds and the Speculoos Cookie Butter on some toast! Enjoy!

I’m going to rate this one 8 bells!

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