Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

The hits keep coming from Trader Joe’s and I’m talking about these wonderful Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies! Recently released for the Fall rush of new products and I have to say they are almost as good as the dark chocolate dipped candy can Joe Joe’s that came out last year. I sure hope those come out again! But these are completely different type of cookie, way more subtle but nonetheless just as good.

My mother always made a ton of Mexican Wedding cakes/Russian Tea Cakes every year for the holidays. I remember the slightly hard, crumbly goodness covered in powdered sugar. I would make myself sick on them. The tradition is carried on in our family every year and Becky loves to make these for the kids, partly because her mother did the same thing around the holidays. These are very reminiscent of those cookies but with a twist!

So you have two flattened wedding cake type wafers, dusted with powdered sugar, and they sandwich some chocolate hazelnut goodness. The cookie wafer things are light, buttery and  fulfilling. Biting down into these cookies is like taking two Mexican wedding cakes and putting Nutella between them. Oh, of course, Trader Joe’s has their own Nutella knockoff that is quite good on it’s own which I’m sure is what they are putting in the middle of these things. I ate a ton of Nutella when I lived in Germany and when I was there people ate it on everything and this reminds me a lot of a high class European cookie. I would not be afraid to put these out on a holiday table because they are sooo good that people will snarf them down and not ask where you got them from. You can surprise them when you pull out the Trader Joe’s box or just lie and say you bought them down at the super expensive French bakery downtown!

Hey, run down to Trader Joe’s today and grab a few boxes of these. (I’m sure the good folks at Trader Joe’s would want you to anyways!) Stock up on them so they don’t disappear for the holidays and when you have guests over for Thanksgiving or Christmas, break out a box of these bad boys and take credit for some awesome good cookies! I really, really like these and I am going to rate these Trader Joe’s Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies 9 Bells!


  1. It wasn’t me who gave these a low score, but I’m not sure I’d give them quite the high score you did. I tried these for the first time this week. I was certain I’d love them since I adore chocolate and hazelnuts. And I did like them — very much. The flavor was delicious and the texture of the cookies was wonderfully light and crumbly. The texture of the chocolate/hazelnut filling, however, was disappointing: stiff and gummy. Some may like that consistency, but I would have preferred the softer creaminess of the real Nutella. That would have sent the score on these up to a 9 for me. As they are, with their firmer, gooier filling, I’d have to give them a 7. Still, not a bad little treat.

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