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Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pancakes Review

Trader Joe's cauliflower latke pancakes

Trader Joe’s cauliflower latke pancakes

The are clearly trying to be a replacement for Potato Latkes which are not Keto, Whole 30 or Paleo. But they are Kosher, which is very important to Trader Joe’s. I guess you could call them vegetarian too, but they aren’t vegan because of the cheese. But, hey we can’t have everything!

These potato pancake latke stand ins are very popular around the holidays in December because of  Hanukkah where they are a traditionally prepared food for Jews. I grew up on the East Coast near Baltimore and there were a lot of jewish people around my neighborhood and some jewish delis and at a ton of Latkes and loved them if they are done right. These don’t come close, but they are quite good but for different reasons.
The binder on these is actually cheese and potato starch, which I guess isn’t technically whole potatoes. There is so little of it, I wouldn’t worry for people on a paleo, keto or whole30 diet.
There are two ways to prepare these, pan fry or in the oven. I opted for oven preparation because I didn’t want to add any more oil to something I thought would probably be oily already. They take about 15 minutes to bake. I expected them to be crispier when they came out of the oven. They had a nice brown color but not much of a crust. I really did like the flavors. The Parmesan cheese kicks it up a notch in the flavor department. I added a dab of sour cream and they is a great traditional combination for a latke like food. I almost at the whole box for lunch!
I will probably buy these again as a nice side for dinner or lunch during these holidays. I think they are seasonal so don’t expect to see them much past the New Year!

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