Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies

Cookie Butter Sandwich CookiesTrader  Joe’s Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies. You know when you had your first serious girlfriend/boyfriend how special it all was. You were in love and nothing was going to come between you. By the time you were in your 3rd or 4th it was still special, but didn’t have the magic. By the ninth time, you may have found the special someone, but you are old hat at this relationship thing now. That’s kind of how I am about these Cookie Butter sandwich cookies. I may love them to death, but it doesn’t have that special first time love thing going on anymore…

As I predicted, Trader Joe’s keeps pumping out the cookie butter hits! It seems like almost every other week, they come out with another product that has Speculoos Cookie Butter in it, on it or all over it. I didn’t see this one coming, although not a huge leap like the Cookie Butter ice cream, it is a new product and I predict a long line in a succession of products containing Cookie Butter in one form or another. It’s kind of out of character for Trader Joe’s to release a cookie in January, but hey they know better than me when to release new products!

Cookie Butter cookiesLet’s see if we can wrap our head around this one… First we take Speculoos cookies, grind them up and make a spread out of them called Cookie Butter. Then we make butter cookies (real butter this time) and make a sandwich with the cookie butter between two butter cookies. What you have is a delicious combination of butter cookies and cookie butter spread. Is that too much butter for you! Also, did I mention they were healthy for you? Not! But who cares! This is cookie butter greatness we are talking about!

This makes nine products that are or have Speculoos Cookie Butter in them and as I mentioned, Trader Joe’s knows which side of the bread is buttered! In this case, which side is cookie buttered! (Hahaha!) I can’t imagine anymore cookies with speculoos in them, but look forward to more crazy things like cookie butter bits in cheese or cookie butter flavored coffee… who knows!

Anyway, why were we here? Ah yes, the new cookie butter cookies… Yes, so how do these cookies actually taste? Awesome, but after nine different products with cookie butter in them, it’s getting a little too comfortable at the cookie butter house these days. But how did they actually taste? They are excellent, as you would expect. I love butter cookies and I love cookie butter so what’s not to love here? Nothing at all. So I welcome the ninth member to the cookie butter family! I am giving Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies 9 Bells!



  1. well im just a tourist here in california .i am searching a store selling this fabolous speculoos cookie butter…pls tell me where could i find this products….i am in yorbalinda ca as of now…i love this product,,,

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