Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate covered Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranates are all the rage right now and so is Dark Chocolate. Trader Joe’s is on a dark chocolate binge right now and if they can dip it in dark chocolate they will and it is usually crazy good. I was thinking about that the other night when I was watching my new favorite show Portlandia. Portland is a couple of hours from Seattle and we go there fairly often. Portland and Seattle are very similar cities and watching Portlandia it often hit’s home for us that have lived in Seattle for any length of time. (OK, I don’t live in Seattle, but I have and I am there a couple of times a week for business!) Trader Joe’s obsession with dark chocolate reminded me of the skit called We Can Pickle That! where Carrie and Fred pickle everything they can get their hands on including bandaids and CD jewel cases. Funny Stuff!

Pomegranates are in season now and Trader Joe’s has been carrying them and Becky is a huge fan of them especially since we learned the trick to get all the seeds out of them with having rip the whole pod apart! She loves to eat them as a snack or put them on salads. The crispy, juicy squish of a bite when you eat them is very refreshing and I didn’t know this until a few years ago, you are supposed to eat the whole seed. Anyway, I really like them too. So it seems that the good for you pomegranate seeds and dark chocolate would be a match made in heaven! Not so fast…

I’ll be to the point. There was little or no pomegranate flavor in these. These are essentially the seeds and nothing to do with the red fleshy part that surrounds the seeds. I think they must have roasted the seeds and then covered them with dark chocolate. When you bite into them you first get that nice dark chocolate flavor, but then you get this crunchy bitterness that does not come off very good in the mouth. Dark chocolate can be bitter on it’s own and to add another layer of bitterness to it is a little much in my opinion. This is the type of thing that Becky usually really loves, but she put a few in her mouth and had to spit them out. Yuck… I asked her to rate them and she said a 1! I wouldn’t go that far. I thought they were just OK, and I’m going to split the difference with her.

I’m going to rate them a 5 bells!



  1. I think these are GROSS. I was shocked at how nasty they are! Bitter, for sure. they sorta remind me of a badly done smoked chocolate.

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