Trader Joe’s Egg Nog Liqueur Review

Trader Joes Eggnog Liqueur Review
Trader Joes Eggnog Liqueur Review

Just in time for the Holiday Season, Trader Joe’s has released their seasonal Egg Nog Liqueur again. This highly popular egg nog drink is very popular in the winter time and Eggnog or Egg Nog, it doesn’t make much of a difference, it all tastes the same. Eggnog the drink is a very old drink according to Wikipedia. It’s been around for hundreds of years. The main ingredients for traditional eggnog are milk, eggs, liquor (spirits), and spices. It’s a drink that has been served around Christmas time for as long as the United States has been around and probably earlier in England. Let’s just say it’s a tradition that has been going back a very long time. Trader Joe’s isn’t one to pass up traditions so here we have a very traditional eggnog, I’m sorry Egg Nog as Trader Joe’s likes to spell it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Eggnog is ridiculously easy to make. Essentially, egg yolks, sugar, milk, cream, scotch/rum/bourbon/brandy, and nutmeg. Mix it all together and let it age for a few days so it thickens up and then serve it! When I was growing up it wasn’t something that you could just buy in the store, you had to make your own. 

My mother was a freak about Christmas so she made a big bottle of hard eggnog every year and made sure it aged in the fridge for a few days before they started drinking it. It was all a big deal in my house. She went for the stronger end of things and I asked her how much booze she put in hers and she said “A lot, I wanted it to last a long time!” Eggnog actually gets better as you age it in the fridge depending on how much alcohol you use. If I were you, and making it, I would opt for the stronger stuff. It tastes better.

trader joes eggnog bottle
trader joes eggnog bottle

Trader Joe’s, not wanting to be left out of the Eggnog wars (kind of like the pumpkin spice wars but for Xmas) has an eggnog liqueur again this year, and why not? It’s a great drink to tipple on during the cold winter months. Just don’t drink too much, it will give you the worst hangover. Don’t ask me how I know this!

Trader Joes Eggnog Liqueur is made with real dairy cream, rum, and Brandy. This is 29.5 proof (or 14.75% alcohol). This isn’t especially high in alcohol. I figure it’s around 4oz of pure alcohol per 750ml bottle or about 1 cup of 80-proof booze. You could make it stronger at home if you like. Trader Joes Eggnog Liqueur is produced in Mira Loma California by Levecke Corporation.

Trader Joe’s Egg Nog bottles at the store

It pours to a milky golden color. The aroma is grape, spiced rum, cinnamon, and cream. The creamy eggnog entry has fresh dairy cream, cinnamon, and nutmeg flavor. Spiced rum and vanilla arrive and join the cream at the midpoint. Grape and brandy follow and warm the mouth. There is a mild burn on the finish. Trader Joe’s Egg Nog Liqueur is thick and creamy with a nice balance of eggnog and alcohol. I taste more brandy than rum when I taste this egg nog.

Traditionally, it’s just served on its own with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Maybe on the rocks. It’s about the same strength as wine so drinking a whole glass isn’t going to get you drunk. It works great when you add it to coffee for a little pick-me-up with your caffeine. Pour it on your ice cream for an extra kick. The ideas are endless, just search Google and you’ll see! I think this is one of the better hard eggnogs I’ve had. Decently strong without going overboard and if you are an eggnog nut and don’t want to make it yourself, pick this up soon before it’s gone!

Final Verdict

I’ve had plenty of Egg Nog in my day. I would say about half was from a bottle like this and the other half was freshly made. Hands down the freshly made egg nog always wins. But if you can’t be bothered to make it fresh, this is the next best thing. I just keep a cold bottle in the fridge during the holiday season and use it in my coffee or just have a small tumbler with ice in the evening after dinner. 

As bottle Egg Nog goes, this isn’t half bad. I will rate it 8 Bells!

*Only available in Trader Joe’s stores where spirits are sold. It is $8.99 plus tax unless otherwise noted here: $9.99 in CO, KY, LA, MA, NE, NJ, NM, NV, WA, & WI. Alcohol availability & price may vary due to state laws, taxes, shipment fees & other such stuff.

Sorry, no ingredients or nutrition since it has liquor in it which is not legally required and could be illegal under federal liquor laws.


  1. It’s a wonderful product. But I need to know how much sugar is in this please? Per bottle or per serving is fine.

    • This is an alcohol product so Trader Joe’s are not required to list ingredients or sugar. I couldn’t tell you how much is in there, but it’s pretty sweet.

    • Ok, I usually don’t respond to these things, but this egg nog is exceptional! It’s not “overpowering”, and it’s smooth and yummy. I don’t drink frequently, but I purchased my second bottle before the first was finished! Translation…it’s REALLY GOOD!

  2. It’s gluten free or not?
    Or right, it’s illegal to tell us whether or not it’s got allergens that can wreck your whole day.

      • You’d be surprised, gluten can show up in many recipes; for example, malt is a flavoring. A big-box warehouse store discloses gluten in their egg nog. We took a chance, and some sips. …No gluten at this time… and delicious!

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