Trader Joe’s Egg Omelet with Cheddar Cheese Review

Trader Joe's Omelets
Trader Joe’s Omelets

Trader Joe’s has come out with a new product, it’s a pre-cooked egg and cheese omelet. Who doesn’t like a good omelet? I’m a huge fan of anything with egg and cheese in the morning but I think Trader Joe’s has completely missed the mark here. Let me explain…

What is an Omelet? (Or Omelette)

A cheese omelet is a classic breakfast dish consisting of beaten eggs cooked with cheese and other optional ingredients. The preparation begins by whisking eggs until well mixed, then pouring the mixture into a heated and greased frying pan. As the eggs start to set, the cheese is sprinkled evenly over the surface. The omelet is then folded in half or rolled to encase the cheese and create a crescent or cylindrical shape. The heat continues to cook the eggs until they reach a fluffy and tender texture while the cheese inside melts and becomes gooey. The omelet can be seasoned with salt, pepper, herbs, or spices to enhance its flavor.

Trader Joe's Omelet Back
Trader Joe’s Omelet Back

Cheese omelets offer a delightful combination of savory and creamy flavors. The choice of cheese varies, with popular options including cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, or feta. The type of cheese used determines the omelet’s taste and texture. Additionally, various fillings such as diced vegetables, ham, mushrooms, or herbs can be added for added flavor and texture.

Cheese omelets are versatile and can be enjoyed as a standalone dish or paired with side dishes like toast, bacon, or fresh fruits. They are a popular choice for breakfast or brunch but can be enjoyed any time of the day. With its simplicity and deliciousness, the cheese omelet remains a beloved comfort food for egg and cheese enthusiasts worldwide.

Trader Joe’s Cheese Omelet

This Omelet isn’t all that. Sure it’s cheese and eggs but that is about it. Not even sure what is in the middle is real cheese based on what I saw. Let me back up a bit. I had high expectations after reviewing the Trader Joe’s Egg Bites that I liked quite a bit. This looks like it comes from the same food manufacturer with similar artwork and packaging. They sell it in the area where they have pre-prepared foods like sandwiches, salads, and some heat-and-go meals, actually right next to the aforementioned egg bites.


There isn’t much to this product. Mainly four ingredients: Eggs, Cheddar Cheese, salt,

Trader Joe's Omelet Heating Instructions
Trader Joe’s Omelet Heating Instructions

and pepper. That’s it!

There are two ways to heat these up. Pop them in the microwave for a minute or put them in a small skillet and warm them up. I choose the latter method because eggs can get rubbery after being heated in a microwave and considering these have been cooked before, I didn’t want them to get any more rubbery.

So, I gently warmed them up in a pan but was concerned after a while when some of the cheese started to run out of the omelet so I took them off the heat and put them on a plate to taste. I noticed immediately that the cheese was running out in a liquid. I like cheese but not liquid cheese.

The package contains two pouches with two omelets in each one. Each omelet contains about 110 calories or a total of 450 calories for the entire package. 220 calories are about right for breakfast for me. Especially if you want a low-carb breakfast.

Trader Joe's Omelet Cooking
Trader Joe’s Omelet Cooking

Final Verdict

I was disappointed to see the runny cheese coming out of the omelet but I forged ahead to cut one of the omelets and the cheese just ran out. What kind of cheese turns to liquid like this? I cut some pieces and ate them and I have to say I was not impressed. There really isn’t any flavor there. The egg and the cheese hardly have any flavor. Trader Joe’s completely missed the boat on this by not adding a more interesting cheese or even adding some herbs. I ground a bunch of pepper on this to give it some flavor. But that wasn’t really enough to do anything interesting… 

Trader Joe's Omelet Cut
Trader Joe’s Omelet Cut

Unlike the eggbites which are a complete package, these Trader Joe’s Omelets need a lot of help. Sure you can just eat them but how hard is it to make your own omelet unless you need to take something to work or you just want to give something bland to a little kid, I am struggling to figure out why you’d want to eat these. One of the only redeeming values for this product is that they are Gluten Free. Having said all that, you probably realized I was pretty disappointed in these Trader Joe’s Omelets and I am going to only give them Five Bells!






  1. I microwave them and about 1/2 the time as directed. The cheese is slightly gooey but not as thin as your photo. I am diabetic so these are a great go to breakfast for me because they are low carb.

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