Trader Joe’s (Giotto) Ricotta and Spinach Filled Ravioli

Trader Joe’s Ricotta Spinach Ravioli

You know me, I am a geek when it comes to new Trader Joe’s products. You can easily spot me walking through the store trying to find the latest and greatest stuff. The staff at my local store all know me, maybe not by name, but by sight. I am there almost every day! In one sense I have to be with two growing boys to feed. I was never raised to be one of those people that did big grocery shopping once every couple of weeks. I think Trader Joe’s is more conducive to frequent visits because the store is so small. It’s so easy to get in and out in a few minutes and the lines are never long at my store. (I have been to stores that are much busier so I know there are some out there that have long  lines)

I’m sure this one will show up at the next Fearless Flyer if it hasn’t already. I’m sure Trader Joe’s has had a similar product in the past, but this time they nailed it on the head! We have Trader Jo

e’s (Giotto’s) Ricotta and Spinach filled Ravioli with tomato basil sauce. You know this is something you could whip together in about ten minutes if you had some sauce in a jar and some fresh ravioli.

BUT, Trader Joe’s has gone one better! It’s all frozen and you just drop it into the pan and cook it up! This is a Product of Italy and for some reason those Europeans know how to make frozen meals in a bag that are simply delicious. You can see from the  2nd picture that you get frozen ravioli and little bricks of frozen sauce. Super simple to prepare, but put it all in a skillet and cook until hot.

I could really smell the garlic and basil cooking away in the sauce as I warmed it up. After the prescribed 7-8 minutes, I put it in a large pasta bowl. The sauce looked just right. Not too runny or thick. Not too much or too little sauce. I popped a ravioli in my mouth and it was done just right. I could taste the ricotta in the ravioli. Usually I have a ravioli break open and spill cheese all over the place, but not here. The sauce was nice and fruity and the basil was apparent but I always like more. After I took the picture I sprinkled with some Quattro Formaggio and fresh basil and that really made it a great dish!

If you are looking for a quick meal or not even worried about how quick this is I am going to highly recommend that you run out and buy a couple of bags of this right away if you are into pasta. I am giving this Trader Joe’s Ricotta and Spinach Filled Ravioli with a Tomato Basil Sauce a good 9 Bells!

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