Trader Joe’s Highbrow Chocolate Chip Cookies

Trader Joe’s Highbrow Chocolate Chip Cookies? Huh? Not sure what they mean considering they have several offerings of Chocolate Chip cookies and many of them very good! Although I had to bake these Chocolate Chip Cookies, they were well worth it.  Like I mentioned before, I have a bit of a closet sweet tooth. I don’t indulge it often, but every once in a while I get wild and crazy and have a few cookies! (You must be thinking I’m nuts)

This is an item I’d seen around for a while and really, I don’t gravitate towards the sweets like others in my family. I am typically a morning sweets guy. I can eat cookies and cake for breakfast but forget after dinner. That’s when the kids really like a bit of ice cream or a cookie. So, with the kids in mind, I picked up a box of these cookies.

Right on the back of the box, it says these are crispy and I’m not usually a fan of crispy chocolate chip cookies, but they sound very compelling. All the ingredients are exactly what you would use in your own cookie recipe. Flour, eggs, sugar, chocolate chips, etc. There aren’t many in a bag. The bag comes in at 7oz and in the bag there were about 10 cookies if I remember. They are pretty light weight considering they are completely dry and crispy.

OK, I’ll admit I am a soft cookie person. I like them warm and ooey gooey right out of the oven. 2nd best are the soft ones. Hard and crunchy is not really my style. If you are one of those that like to dip them in milk (not me) these might be perfect for that!

How did they taste? Well I have to admit they are very good. They have that real homemade flavor probably because they use the same ingredients you and I would use to make cookies at home. If really good homemade are a 10, the other ones I mentioned above are a 9 then I would have to peg these at a good 8. I think the flavors are all there, IMHO. Rich chocolate chips, nice cookie flavor, but like I said before, crispy chocolate chip cookies are not my favorite type. I just like them softer, but that’s just me.

I am going to rate these Trader Joe’s Highbrow Chocolate Chip cookies a 8 bells!


  1. These have been discontinued! I can’t believe TJ’s would do such a thing! They were the best cookies ever!

    Does anyone know who was the supplier or where I can continue to buy them?

    Much appreciated!

    • I know this is year’s later but I recently found Tate’s Cookies and I think they might have been the supplier. Even if they’re not, they’re a good alternative!

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